Ankara residents flock to Kecioren Cable Car for profit

gokyuzunun ankarara view from the cable car
gokyuzunun ankarara view from the cable car

Ankara residents flocked to Keçiören cable car to enjoy the snow. Since the day it was put into service, interest in the Keçiören cable car, which has been the center of attention of Ankara residents, has increased with the snow. Ankara residents who wanted to look at the city from above and enjoy the snow more flocked to the Keçiören cable car. Ankara residents watched a pure white Keçiören during the 20-minute trip. Keçiören cable car, which is frequently used by those who want to see the greenery, waterfall, parks and gardens of the city and its buildings that add value to the city, makes a different view of the district possible.

The cable car, which has the longest inner city line in Europe, continues its tours between Tepebaşı and Subayevleri. The Keçiören cable car with 16 gondolas allows you to watch a special Keçiören view during the 20-minute tour.

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