Bad news for train users in Ankara

The commuter trains, which have been suspended for 4 months within the scope of the Başkentray Project works in Ankara, will not operate for at least three years.

It was also clear how long the commuter trains operated on the Sincan-Kayaş line, which was suspended on the "New Farm Boulevard" project, which was started by the General Directorate of TCDD and the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, on the "Yeni Çiftlik Boulevard" project, with the "until a second notification", will not work.

According to the schedule, which is not pronounced on the grounds of "not getting angry" but notified to the contractor companies, suburban trains will not be able to travel for at least three years.

Although engineers, architects and city planners objected and some cancellation decisions were taken by the courts, it was learned that the work to build 120 underpasses in the direction of Sincan and 2 in the direction of Kayaş, which was initiated by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality 13 days ago. However, within the scope of the works, even a single dig could not be shot, although 120 days have passed since the commuter train services to the Gazi Station overpass bridge, known as Atatürk Orman Çiftliği, were suspended. The idea of ​​demolishing the Marşandiz Bridge on Anadolu Boulevard and rebuilding it was abandoned in accordance with the agreement reached between TCDD General Directorate and Ankara Metropolitan Mayors.

"A little more patience"

TCDD General Manager Suleyman Kahraman, said in a statement earlier, in addition to high-speed train lines, they also care about urban transportation, said:
“Ankara needs Başketray. Unfortunately, while planning Ankara, the transportation system was not planned for the long term. My current rail system is far from meeting Ankara's needs. This was not a sustainable situation. That's why we started the construction of the first stage of Başketray. It is necessary to separate the suburban line from the high-speed train line by building a new line. In addition, we are building a rail system with its stations, platforms, under and overpasses, bids, turnstiles, in short, everything that will not look like the subway.

"We are realizing a project worth waiting for"

Due to the nature of the work, construction will take a certain amount of time. Ankara residents make sure that; We are realizing a project worth waiting for. A train can be operated every five minutes and this project, which shortens the distance, will also compensate Ankara's lost years in transportation. This was the capital's urgent need. We couldn't delay it any longer. We started doing. We will finish on time. "

With the Başkentray Project carried out by TCDD, the "Ankara-Sincan suburban line" will reach the metro standard as a result of the works to be carried out on the existing railway line in order to relieve the capital's railway and road traffic, while the suburban line is brought to the metro standard, while Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has built bridges with railway under and overpasses and all level crossings will be removed. 5-line between Ankara-Sincan and Ankara-Kayaş will be made 4-line.Therefore, the suburban line and other passenger and freight traffic will be separated from each other. Within the scope of these works, 13 underpasses in the direction of Kayaş and 2 highway underpasses in the direction of Sincan will be built by TCDD.

Source: Republic



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