Ankara Tandoğan - Keçiören, Kızılay - Çayyolu and Batıkent - Sincan subways were allocated 1.6 billion TL

Money for the subway projects, which were started to finish the traffic ordeal of the metropolitan cities but were interrupted. In order to complete the metro lines in Ankara and Istanbul, 1,6 has been allocated a billion Turkish lira. The metro in Ankara is expected to carry passengers in the 2 year.

Metro projects, which could not be completed in any way, were transferred to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication due to lack of funds from municipalities. CHA, then the remaining projects in Istanbul and Ankaka for the remaining half of the 1,6 billion pounds have reached the knowledge that the resources are allocated. The mentioned source will be used for the construction of the 3 metro project in Ankara and the only project in Istanbul. Possible project in 8Istanbul is Bakırköy IDO-Kirazli line)

The transfer of Ankara metro projects was made in May last year. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality's 828 million pounds until now for the 3 line for the completion of the construction, electronic, signaling infrastructure 3 billion 40 million pounds will be spent. These three lines are aimed at ending on different working days according to the auctions. The total length of Tandoğan - Keçiören, Kızılay - Çayyolu and Batıkent - Sincan metros is expected to reach 2 kilometers.

Source: Time



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