Yht Studies Between Ankara and Istanbul

Within the scope of High Speed ​​Train (YHT) works, Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality took various precautions since the train services between Adapazarı and Haydarpaşa will be interrupted for 1 months from 30 February.

Meeting with the officials of companies carrying passenger transportation between Adapazarı and Izmit, Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Head İsmail Yolcu reminded that the train services between Istanbul and Haydarpaşa will be suspended for 1 month starting from 30 February.

Expressing that the citizens traveling by train come together with the authorities of three companies that carry passengers between Adapazarı and Izmit to avoid being victimized, Yolcu said, “The prices of vehicles working between Adapazarı and Izmit were reduced. Currently, companies operating between Adapazarı and Izmit carry their passengers who do not have a subscription card to civilian 6 TL, cardholders to 5 TL and students to 4 TL. All citizens who receive a subscription card will be able to travel for 4,5 TL after the meeting. In addition, student prices have been reduced from 4 TL to 3,5 TL. ”

İsmail Yolcu stated that the citizens who want to benefit from the discounts have to buy a subscription card from the related companies and said that the companies will increase their number of flights as of February 1.

Passenger expressing that there will be additional flights during the peak hours,

“For example, in the morning and in the evening, a vehicle will depart every 5 minutes or every 2 minutes. As Metropolitan Municipality, we will make the necessary follow-ups on this matter. The vehicles will work from our new terminal. As Izmit cars will depart from the new terminal, we, as the Metropolitan Municipality, will increase our flights to facilitate the transportation of our citizens to the new terminal. We will ensure that our citizens will not be victims by increasing the number of flights especially in the morning. ”

Source: -SAKARYA-



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