Alsancak Station Will Not Serve About One Year Train

Due to the new arrangements to be made on the 140-kilometer-long İZBAN line, which carries an average of 80 thousand passengers per day, the historic Alsancak Station will be closed to trains for a year. Every day thousands of passengers will be transported by bus after the station is closed.

the first railway starting point of the history of Alsancak Station Izmir of the line in Anatolia, will be closed Metropolitan Municipality and entered service with TCDD cooperation, Turkey's largest urban public rail system izban the new station and the underpass construction because trains. According to the news of Egeli Sabah, Historical Gar, which includes one of the most important stations of the 80-kilometer İZBAN line as well as regular train services, will not serve train services for a year with the protocol signed between the Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD. During this period, a new station will be built in the Hilal region, which is located between Alsancak-Kemer Stations. In addition, an underpass that will pass 8 meters below the ground will be constructed in place of the level crossing in Ege Mahallesi, which is closed due to suburban expeditions. While the project, which is not yet clear, is expected to be implemented in April or May, buses will be removed from Kemer and Halkapınar Stations to ensure that the passengers using the Alsancak Train Station are not victimized.

Metropolitan will make
Stating that the negotiations about the project are continuing with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, TCDD 3rd Region Director Sabahattin Eriş said that the historical Alsancak Station will be closed to all train services in line with the protocol expected to be signed in the coming months. Speaking for the first time on the subject, Eriş said that İZBAN will go directly without going to Alsancak until the construction works on the suburban line will be completed and normal train services will continue from Basmane Station. Saying that the new station and underpass will be built by the Metropolitan Municipality, Eriş said, “There is no project currently prepared. However, the Metropolitan Municipality had a request from us. We consider this request. We scrutinize and weave the citizens so that they do not become victims. In order to realize the project, we need to close Alsancak Station. In this period, we should consider alternative systems for the transportation of passengers. We want to complete the project in a very short time like four months. We do not want the citizen to be a victim, ”he said.

Transfer to subway
He said that Hilal Station, which will be built on the İZBAN line, will also have a connection between the Bornova-Üçyol line and the metro, and the transfers from Halkapınar Station will be made from here as soon as the new station becomes operational. Eriş said, “The number of İZBAN passengers is increasing day by day. Even now, we have a passenger capacity that is much higher than expected. For this reason, unfortunately, there are accumulations in Halkapınar Station. Thanks to this new station, İZBAN passengers coming from Gaziemir direction will be able to transfer to the subway without entering Alsancak. This means approximately 10 minutes of time savings. The citizen will be able to go to Bornova or Üçyol by taking the metro from Hilal Station without having to go to Halkapınar. ”

Airport station is also falling
TCDD 8rd Regional Manager Eriş said that an underpass will be constructed 20 meters deep and 3 meters wide instead of the level crossing of Ege Mahallesi, which was closed due to İZBAN flights, and added that İZBAN's Airport Station at Adnan Menderes Airport will be demolished this year. Stating that these three new projects do not cause disruptions to the trips, Eriş said, “These three arrangements should be implemented in the least time and with the least discomfort. So we need to have a very good synchronization. We must scrutinize and rank correctly. I am for giving priority to Hilal Station. Because the passenger density in Halkapınar has to be reduced as soon as possible. During the construction of Hilal Station, the underpass of Ege Mahallesi is also made. But if the TAV company that operates the airport moves first, we can start there too. ”

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