Ali Babacan: “We separate the connection roads with the 3rd bridge as a separate project. “

Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan, in the period from August until the end of the year, even during the period when much of the Central Bank purchased foreign currency that means a total of $ 5 billion in net foreign exchange inflows to Turkey reported. Touching on the issue of the third bridge, Babacan said, “We separated the highway project with the 3rd bridge to be built in Istanbul by the order of Prime Minister Erdoğan. "The size of the tender to be released only for the third bridge will be 3 billion dollars."

Deputy Prime Minister Babacan, who was in Davos to participate in the World Economic Forum, answered questions on a television show.

Following a question about the Central Bank's “Corridor Implementation”, Babacan stated that 2012 was a year that should be seen with care in every respect.

Babacan emphasized that this year will be a year in which risk premiums will be higher, and that there has been an increase even in the risk premiums of the countries that are very robust at the beginning of last year.

The said increase in the risk premium in Turkey with the recent emergence of high inflation, the Turkish lira Babacan that brought with it an increase in interest rates on the basis of, "Are we happy about this? Of course, we are not, but when the market conditions require such tables can emerge. Therefore, I think we should be aware of the conditions, accept these conditions, but strive to do better under these conditions. ”

Turkey continues input currency Deputy Prime Minister Babacan, "Did you feel the recent speculative attacks against Turkey?" He said that they did not have such observations on the question.

Central Bank of Babacan reminded that the sale of foreign currency since August, said: "In the period up to the end of the year from August, even in periods when selling foreign currency by the Central Bank 5 billion in the sense that clear to Turkey dollars of foreign exchange inflow of. When we look at all transactions, there is a $ 5 billion plus. When we look at the period from January 1 to yesterday, there is a plus $ 3 billion entry. Therefore, in terms of growth, the foreign currency reserves of our Central bank fell slightly, this is a fact; but on the other hand we do not have a loss we look at Turkey's total foreign currency assets. On the contrary, it continues to enter Turkey. " Speaking about the 3rd bridge to be built in Istanbul, only the 3rd bridge will be put out to tender, Babacan said that they have separated the highway project with the 3rd bridge to be built in Istanbul.

Ali Babacan continued as follows: “We separate the roads to the 3rd bridge as a separate project. We decided to go on a tender for the build-operate-transfer project, the third bridge we need, and only the connection road. Heavy vehicle traffic is planned to be directed to the 3rd bridge. A new tender will be made by making arrangements for directing heavy vehicle traffic. The project will be narrowed and limited only by the third bridge and link and the tender will be launched.

Thus, the project has decreased from $ 6 billion to $ 2.5 billion. There is no such table as funding for investment. This old project is important to continue on the road. ”
The dollars are upside down!
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