MP Eskişehir MP Salih Koca spoke about Eskişehir Railway Station

AKP Eskisehir deputy Salih Koca yesterday in his speech at the AKP Odunpazarı District Ordinary Congress, where the new stadium and high-speed railway station will be installed for years has been discussed issues, he said.

Explaining the reasons for the stadium to Sazova quarter and the station to the existing place, Koca said, ´ These issues are still being debated. We said get to the stadium Sazova, because Sazova is 4.900 meters away from the city center with a bird's eye view, while the proposed Muttalip area is located at a distance of 5.200 meters. There is access to Sazova. In the statements made earlier, it was said that tal We return the tram from Opera to Muttalip Daha. Between the Opera and Muttalip, you must lay a line of 4.100 meters for the tram. Sazova'ya only need to line the 1.700 meter. Which is more accurate? If you were away from Sazova city center, why did you park there at that cost? Eskişehir does not ask us this? 1 from central to central and from Sazova to 5. Therefore, the new stat will be made to Sazova. You cannot move the new Gar building to the Sugar Factory side. This is not possible. Because there is no land belonging to TCDD. You have to close and set up the Sugar Factory to carry. Is that possible? The station building will be made to replace the existing one, Gar he said.

Sakarya Newspaper

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