Adapazarı Train Station Project will be tendered and moved before the commencement of flights

Adapazarı Train Station, which was decided to move to the Intercity Bus Terminal on the grounds that it caused disruptions in transportation in Sakarya, will be carried out before the train service starts.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu told the correspondent of Cihan News Agency (Cihan) that the station will be moved before the train service that has been stopped due to the construction works of the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project. Stating that they will implement the project in the period when the train services are stopped, Toçoğlu said; “Currently, train services running between Adapazarı and Istanbul have been stopped due to high speed train works. Meanwhile, we are making the tender preparations for the project. We will tender our project. We are planning to implement this project before the train services return to normal. In the project, we hope that the trains that will operate between Istanbul and Adapazarı will come to the bus station we just built. We will collect district buses and intercity buses here. If we bring the train services here, we will eliminate the problems in transportation. " said.


Noting that they hope to increase the number of trains and speed up the trains after moving the station, Toçoğlu emphasized that they want to move the passengers coming to the bus station to Adapazarı using the existing railway line with the light rail system.

Stating that they are planning the Adapazarı Train Station to be the center of the light rail system they are planning to build in Sakarya in the future, Toçoğlu said: “We want to make the distribution from here. We are considering a light rail system to various parts of the city such as the Organized Industrial Zone over the branches of Yenikent and Erenler. We plan to break up by centering Adapazarı Train Station. Our project work on it continues. "

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