Adapazarı-Bartın railway project will develop Western Black Sea

Karabük Governorship, Karabük Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Dünya Newspaper, coordinated by Zonguldak, Bartin, Karabük 'Projects and Common Mind Meeting' in Karabük Safranbolu district Zalifre Hotel was held.

Karabük Governorship, Karabük Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Dünya Newspaper, coordinated by Zonguldak, Bartin, Karabük 'Projects and Common Mind Meeting' in Karabük Safranbolu district Zalifre Hotel was held.

AK Party Bartın deputy Yılmaz Tunç, AK Party deputy Karabük Osman Kahveci, Deputy Minister of Development Mehmet Ceylan, Karabük Governor İzzettin Küçük, Karabük Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Industry (TSO) President Pehlivan Baylan, Rector of Karabük University Professor Doctor Burhanettin Uysal, Bartın Trade and Industry Chamber Chairman İsmail Toksöz, District Governor of Safranbolu Gökhan Azcan, members of Karabük Chamber of Commerce and Industry participated in the meeting.

Karabuk TSO President Pehlivan Baylan made the opening speech. Pehlivan Baylan, proj We will discuss the projects of our region in Bartın, Karabük, Zonguldak,

In the 2023 vision, Karabük should replace, and Zonguldak should replace Bartin. In this context, we must act together and act together. When we look at globalization in the world with some sectors are going up. At the end of these meetings, we have to decide on many things Biz.

Professor Dr. Burhanettin Uysal, Rector of Karabuk University said, da We must unite and solve problems. Karabuk, where 2013 crazy projects will occur, needs to be connected by air. There will be nothing where there is no communication and technology, but I believe that Karabük will make flights to Istanbul very soon İletişim.

Deputy Minister of Development Mehmet Ceylan said, ileş Karabük, Bartın and Zonguldak regions were among the leading cities in the industrialization of iron and steel. In the past, the iron market was a province of Karabük, Zonguldak, the TTK 40 thousand workers were working, Eregli Iron and Steel thousands of people were working. It was a region where the public industry was intense. With the transition to the free market in time, the kits became highly specialized today, Erdemir, Kardemir, has been privatized. Cement, Seka factories have been privatized. In 1994, the government of the period had even decided to close down Kardemir. We should not forget those days, but the people of Karabük said we do not give up our factory. Kardemir looked at today in a very nice spot so that the factory can not take raw materials planted chimneys in factories more than one in its own. Today we see a Kardemir forcing a thousand tons of 2. We want to be even better, we work for realization of very important projects that concern our region. Daha

AK Party Bartin deputy Yilmaz Tunc, We Zonguldak, Bartin and were always together as Karabük. After that, we'il be together. We act together in many projects. There are more than one reason for the development and development of the region and we will put these reasons in this meeting. Zonguldak province while 3 together was one of Turkey's largest province. Employment was one of the most important provinces of the industry. This importance still continues. The projects are implemented. We have projects that we follow together as three provinces. Adapazarı, Ereğli, Çaycuma, Bartın Railway project is an important project for the region, construction work has started. The double track railway project, which will connect the ports to the industrial enterprises, aiming both freight and passenger transportation, is very important for the development of the region. Another important project is the Filyos Project, a large industrial zone where the largest port of the Black Sea region will be built. Karabük Iron and steel industry, mining and energy investments will take place in this region as the residence of employees

Bartin is the most suitable province, so it is necessary to make housing plans in Bartin. Bartın, Karabuk is continuing to work to complete the split path. Yenice, Hasankadı, Kozcağız way was taken into the investment program. The ongoing project will be an important alternative route between Bartin and Karabuk. We give importance to this project that will unite the Bartın Port and Demirçelik sector that we allow container transportation. I believe that our universities in all three cities will develop rapidly, a great advantage for the region and important projects will be produced for the development of the region. The region is very rich in terms of tourism potential, 59 kilometer-meter 14 beach on the coast of Bartin is not only the Western Black Sea, but also serves a wide hinterland with Ankara. It is not possible to think of Amasra and Safranbolu separately. Tourists coming to Safranbolu do not return without eating fish in Amasra. We started the construction of the Amasra Passenger Pier and Yacht Harbor project. We started construction of the Amasra tunnel. Bartın, Kurucaşile road was auctioned together with tunnels. In this district, which is important for the manufacture of wooden boats, a high school related to it was put into service. The General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) is doing the Bartın River rehabilitation project. 14 weight meter from the sea to the city center

We are also working to make the 500 tons of boats and the Bartin river where boats can swim. We have 242 historical houses in Bartın, which is a beautiful and beautiful place to search Safranbolu. We provide the necessary support for their restoration. All of our advantages for our region, Küre Mountains National Park, Europe's one of the hot spots of 100 highlands, canyons, caves and waterfalls have great potential in terms of nature tourism. We continue to work to activate this potential. Bartın is a province benefiting from incentives, our industrial zone is filled with factories. The largest private sector iron and steel factory in the region, Bartın started production in the OIZ. We started to work on expanding the OIZ. We have irrigable land, which has the potential to meet the agricultural production needs of the Bartın region. When the Kirazlıköprü and Kozcağız Dams are finished, the purpose of irrigation as well as the purpose of irrigation will be realized and our agricultural lands will meet the agricultural production needs of the region. Kir

Then, he continued to answer questions under the chairmanship of Dünya Newspaper Osman Arolat.

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