In Adana, an alcoholic driver broke down the concrete barriers and stopped on the subway rails. Late accident prevented a possible disaster

Wanting to go to Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard from Barış Manço Boulevard in the central Çukurova district, the 36 B 01 plate van hit the concrete barriers of the subway passing through Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard on the road that became slippery due to excessive rainfall. The vehicle, which entered the metro route by demolishing the barriers, stopped on the rails.

Acar, who was reported to be the manager of an entertainment place, who was slightly injured by his own means, was treated in the ambulance called out to the accident.

Acar was found to be 200 promil alcoholic by traffic teams and was taken to the police station after his treatment.

The police reported the investigation of the accident.


Source: AA



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