Aktif Group and Pers. Signed a distributorship agreement in Iran.


Aktif Group continues its expansion in the middle east market with Iran. As a result of long-term negotiations, Aktif signed a distributorship agreement with Persia for the Iranian market. The company is a reputable corporation in the energy sector of Iran for many years.

The company is active in energy production, distribution and transmission. These products are as follows.

Turbines (gas vapor, solar and wind),
Diesel generators,
Power Transformers,
Dry type transformers,
GIS (Gas Isolated Cutters),
HV and MV Cells,
DCS (Distributed Control System),
PLC (Power Line Carrier and Programmable Logic Control)
Protection Systems for MV and HV,
SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Systems,
Control Systems for Rail Systems,
Telecommunication Devices,
Solar Power Plants,
Home Solar Energy Devices,
Wind Power Plants,

Rail Industry Show Armin sohbet

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