Why are these projects delayed? | Motorway

Why are these projects delayed? | Motorway

"Lion remained a piece of talk," he was confused.

No, sir, was 2012 quadrillion of the 10 budget in Bursa?

Bursa has a lobby in Ankara?

Bursa is not able to take back all that the state, then Bitlis, Siirt, Sinop, Tunceli how to develop?

For example, with an investment in motorways and high-speed trains, Bursa has earned an investment of 9 billion liras?
10 billion pounds highway project in the 5,5 billion pounds of Bursa passed through?
The project of the high-speed train project of the Bursa leg cost 2,7 billion pounds?
What's more.

When I read them, I was frozen! You can't talk about that?

Let's underline this first.
I never said to Bursa to give back to the state as an investment.
I have argued that it is not enough that he has been receiving for years and that the ongoing investments in Bursa cannot be completed on time and that they always have to be flipped.
Let me tell you again why I think so.

According to the budget figures announced by the Ministry of Finance General Directorate of Public Finance, Bursa 2004-2011 32 90 887 a thousand pounds to the state during the year contributed to the 2, while the public investment in Bursa 270 million 732 a thousand XNUMX billion spent in the same period alone!

We only get 7,07.
In the face of this amount and this rate, can it be said that Bursa gets what it deserves from the general budget?

Let's look at what's being said now.
The tender for the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Motorway, which is also part of the Izmit Gulf Transition Bridge, was awarded to 6,5 billion dollars. The 421 motorway crossing the 135 kilometer and the 40 kilometer and the 95 kilometer are also ready (West Motorway Highway). Will the 5,5 mile highway cost XNUMX billion liras?

The project of the train of Bursa where the cost of the Bursa pillar is 2,7 billion pounds, I calculated how this is calculated, I could not understand it!

As far as I know in 2012, a total of 38 billion pounds will be invested and the 18,2 billion pounds will be covered by the general budget.

According to the rumors, the 2012 will be worth $ 1 billion in 10!

If so; Bursa has a strong lobby in Ankara and the 2012 budget will be taken from the 10 budget. Why was the end date of many public projects in Bursa announced in the 2011 investment program changed in the 2012 investment program?

Yenişehir 1.merhale irrigation, Iznik 2. irrigation, Emet-Orhaneli irrigation, Bursa-Karacabey road, Bursa-Yalova road, Bursa-Inegol-Bozuyuk road, Bursa Peripheral Highway, Yenisehir-Osmaneli road, Bandirma-Bursa-Ayazma-Osmaneli high-speed train, Gemlik drinking water, Dörtçelik Ruh Why would the postponements of the Health Hospital, MKP Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital and Bursa-Karacabey Yeşildere Irrigation Projects be delayed for years to come?

Moreover, it is unlikely that many of them will be completed on the projected and transient expiration dates with the 1991 year allocations on these projects I have counted with 1993 and 2012. Therefore, the end date of many projects due to scarce funds will not be known for the number of times again to stay and Bursa will benefit from these projects will grow longer. That's what I oppose and Bursa doesn't deserve a picture like that!

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