Current Railroad Change Between Palu-Genç-Muş Is Changing

The existing railway line between Palu-Genç-Muş will change due to the Beyhan and Kaleköy dams to be built on the Murat River. In this context, it was reported that the area of ​​4 million 458 thousand 492 square meters and the confiscation on this area will be expropriated.
It was reported that the existing railway line will be changed since it will be under the Beyhan and Kaleköy dams to be built. The decision of the Council of Ministers regarding the route change was published in the Official Gazette's thought issue.

In the Cabinet decision, "Beyhan and Kaleköy dam, which will remain under the construction of the dam lake Pali-to displace the existing railway line between young-Mus order needed muhdesat the Republic of Turkey on approximately 4.458.492,00 m2 immovable State Railways General Directorate immediate expropriation by; According to Article 2 of the Expropriation Law No. 1, it was decided by the Council of Ministers on 2012/1/2942, upon the letter of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication dated 27/3/1 and numbered 2012.

After this decision, expropriation works will be carried out in the region and the railway line that will be under the dam will also change.

It was observed that no decision was taken regarding the historical places in the area where the dam will be built. He states that especially historical places in Kaleköy may be flooded by the dam.

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