Mustafa Öztürk: 2023 will see Turkey as built with high-speed train network


AK Party Bursa MP Mustafa Öztürk.
In order to avoid being dependent on foreign sources, we must use energy efficiently.

  • AK Party Bursa deputy Mustafa Ozturk, students explained the importance of energy savings.

Parliamentary Mustafa Öztürk and Energy Efficiency Association (ENVER) Bursa Branch President Mustafa Uysal attended to the conference held at the Private Osmangazi Primary School for the Energy Efficiency Week. Öztürk, who asked students to pay attention to energy waste, said, “We must contribute to the family budget, the economy of the country and the protection of our environment by using energy efficiently at every stage of our daily life. It is possible to save 30 percent energy in insulation in buildings, 20 percent in industry and 15 percent in transportation. This is four Keban Dams, ie 7 and a half billion liras. We purchase 70% of the energy we use from abroad as foreign currency. In order not to live in an externally dependent manner, we must use energy more efficiently. Instead of 100 watt lamps, we should use economical 20 watt lamps. Because if we changed three lamps in this way in every house, the electricity generated by Keban Dam would be twice as much. ”

Saying that transportation is also important in increasing energy efficiency, Öztürk said: “One of the most important projects in terms of both public transportation, energy saving and the development of our country is the railway and high-speed project. 2023 will see Turkey as built with high-speed train networks. Bursa-Ankara, Bursa-İstanbul and Bursa-İzmir are the first leg of the high speed train network. We have now taken the first step for Bursa-Yenişehir. We are planning to complete the signed projects in 2016 ”.

ENVER Bursa Branch President Mustafa Uysal said, “The increasing demand for energy and the balance of supply offered in return have brought efficiency to the forefront in our country as well as all over the world. Bursa also carries out pioneering work in this area. With the Energy Efficiency Coordination Center, which was established primarily within the governorship, all public, private and non-governmental organizations cooperate to solve this important issue. Energy efficiency is an issue that concerns many areas from transportation to industry, from schools to construction. With energy efficiency, it is aimed to do more work with less energy. ”

Source: IHA

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