Malatya Should Be A Construction Site

Just as Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan produces and puts into practice projects for the 100th anniversary of our Republic, that is, 2023, the target should be 2023 in Malatya. As soon as possible, Malatya should stop being a construction site and implement new projects. ADDITIONAL APPROPRIATION should be allocated to Malatya Municipality immediately after the construction site is completed.

Within the projects of Malatya Municipality, there should be attempts for “RAIL SYSTEM”, and “EXTERNAL CREDIT” should be found if necessary. The preliminary example of this is the Malatya Treatment Plant, although Mehmet Yaşar Çerçi was built during my period, although the project's architect was Ahmet Münir Erkal. In other words, Erkal made the project, Çerçi laid the foundation and finished it, while Çakır pays the debt.

In my opinion, Ahmet Çakır should prepare and put into action immediately, and he will pay 10 years later, after 10 years.

The Customs and Trade Directorate has a project to export the apricot directly from Malatya. This project should be on the agenda and necessary initiatives should be made. And according to the information I have obtained, the Wagon Repair Facility, which we have left to decay for years, is cut out for this job.

We don't have to waste time…

Time to work, produce a project…

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Günceleme: 22/12/2018 16:27

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