Operation of Iskenderun Port was transferred to Limak Investment for 36 yearbook

Limak Investment, which won the operating right with the 372 million-dollar offer, will invest 5 million dollars in the 250 year. Limak Investment, which has initiated capacity building and improvement efforts, will make 1.3 million TEU container investment in the first place and then increase the capacity to 3 million TEU.

TURKEY Republic State Railways (TCDD) of Iskenderun Port business was transferred to Lima for Investment 36 years. Limak Investment, which won the second tender for the Port of Iskenderun with a $ 1 million bid of 372, plans to invest $ 1 million in 5 in the year. Turkey with 250 xnumx'ünc acre area in order to become the largest container port in the port of Iskenderun, which have also started to invest. The concession agreement for the transfer of Iskenderun Port was signed with Minister of Justice Sadullah Ergin, Minister of Finance Mehmet Simsek, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yildirim.

Railway with tender price

Binali Yildirim, this is not a privatization project, emphasizing that the port is the transfer of the right to operate in the 36 yearbook, ğ The purpose here is to make investments that need to work more efficiently in the port, leştirme he said. Working in the Harbor of Iskenderun 300 workers, will continue to work without losing any rights within the TCDD explaining the Lightning, said: hiç Since the port was transferred without an employee in the first place, so many new jobs occur. Limak Group starts by taking 250 people. 250 from that region is a citizen of business. 400 container capacity in the first place after a short time 1 million will rise to million. That means investment. 250 will be invested in a million dollars. 372 million rent will be used in the new railway investment. Each side 'win-win' something done according to the principle of the country, gaining Turkey will win. "

Logistic opportunities wide

Iskenderun Port-acre area with 750 xnumx'ünc explaining that Turkey's largest port Yildirim, said: "This long-term operating rights transferred xnumx'ünc harbor. Railways are a feature of the ports until the port has both railway and motorway connections. All cargoes coming to and from the port can be connected to the national transport network. Logistics is one of the most advanced ports. Limak Group is to connect some international liners here and make Iskenderun a transfer beyond the center of export and import. This port is appropriate. Bu

250 million dollars investment

Tender Limak entitled to take over the 372 million dollars Chairman of the Board Holding, Nihat Ozdemir, target of Iskenderun Port to Turkey stating that make the largest port, he told the following: "Capacity are launching immediately increase and improve their work. In the first place we will invest in 1.3 million TEU container. In the future, we aim to reach the 3 million TEU. 5 next year will invest $ 1 million in 250. We're gonna make some of the port into a container port. We started to invest in this subject. We have an 3 graded investment plan for the port. We observe the increase in world trade volume and a significant portion of this trade by sea. In addition, the trend of moving the cargoes with containers has gained a significant momentum. Bun

425 received a million dollar credit

İSKENDERUN Port to Liu who expressed that they provide a total 6 million dollar loan from the 425 Bank Holding Chairman Nihat Ozdemir, "This project, which supported the consortium of Finansbank, Garanti Bank, Isbank, Turkey Industrial Development Bank, UniCredit and I thank the Foundations Bank . The total maturity of the loan will be 13.5 year, and the grace period will be 4 year. This credit will be used in the privatization administration for the payment of the operating turnover fee, the capacity increase of the port and the improvement investments. Bu

There is a scale shortage in ports

Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek, said it is very important to 250 million dollar investment in Turkey, "Because of the scale of the problem the majority of ports in Turkey. Increasing the scale is a very important decision in terms of increasing the competitiveness. Öl Stating that the objectives of the privatization are to increase the efficiency of the country and to make investments in the private sector by means of public resources, Şimşek said, ğ İskenderun Port is a typical example of this. The investor pays us both, takes out big investments, operates much more effectively than the state. World trade is growing rapidly, the share of this trade is rising in Turkey. Turkey's strategic location is very important. This needs to be turned into an opportunity. For this reason, there is a need for infrastructure investments that are important ports operated by a highly competitive private sector Bun.

The turn was delayed, the bitter joy created

Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin, noting that creates a bittersweet joy of transfer be delayed, he said: "The approval of this type of concession contracts in Turkey is going through the Council of State. The decision in Iskenderun came out a bit faster than in other provinces. It was expected for the approval of the 29 month concession agreement for İzmir Port. 29 months after the contract was approved. But the investor then went to another country. Lost in Izmir, Turkey lost. The country's economy has wasted a significant opportunity. In order to prevent all this, the works were finalized in order for the judiciary to work more closely. It's a process. We adopted a comprehensive package of this in the Council of Ministers. Today, I hope that tomorrow, we are moving to Parliament. There are important arrangements to ease the work opportunities that will significantly reduce the workload on the Council of State. Iş

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