Bursaray step by step Kestele

The work of the 8 kilometer line, which will bring Bursaray to Gürsu and Kestel, continues at full speed. 7 station, 1 bulb, 1 maintenance center, 3 transformer and 1 warehouse will be constructed within the scope of the line construction.

The construction of the 3 station will start on Bursaray Kestel line which will be constructed by Iller Bank, and the construction of 1 station will start this month. The other stations will be constructed in order to prevent the traffic of Ankara Road. While the works of Esenevler Junction, which will be carried out within the scope of the project, continue at full speed, the rough construction of the 3 transformer building was completed.


Station work of the Kestel line continues at full speed. 2, 3 and 4 stations will start the work while the work of the station will start 1 this month.

While the 2 station of the station, which is located in the continuation of the plum lamps, reaches to the level of 60, the production of reinforced concrete will be started in the coming days. While the 3 of the 70 station located between Esenevler Junction and Otosansit Junction is completed, 30 is completed and reinforced concrete production continues. It was also learned that the station completed the XNUMX of the construction works.

After passing the Otosansit Intersection, the excavation works of 4 no. 70% of the construction works of the station which is continuing the production of reinforced concrete has been completed. It was learned that the excavation works of the railway line on the Kestel route will continue and the installation of the prefabricated line road separation wall will be started in a short time.


The work of Esenevler Junction, which will be carried out within the scope of the Kestel line project and which will prevent Bursaray from crossing the road, continues uninterruptedly. After passing the 2 station, the 85 of the Esenevler Junction, which is designed in a way similar to the Otosansit Junction, completes the 35 and continues its concrete works rapidly. Construction work of the intersection has reached XNUMX level.

Within the scope of Esenevler Interchange; for a vehicle with 3 meter strip, other connection roads and intersection arms half way on each side of the road will be made half-meter banquets. The slopes of the junction designed as 6 meters of all junction arms are designed as 3.5 on the underpass input side and 5 on the output side. The pedestrian paths of the Esenevler Junction are; 2.50 meters in the intersection zone and 2 meters in the side arms.

Bursaray station; In the direction of Kestel direction will take place about 300 meters from the junction.


One of the most important pillar of Bursaray Kestel line is Hacivat, Balıklı and Deliçay bridges on Ankara Road. The construction of the 3 bridge, which needs to be renewed and expanded, was expected to be undertaken by the Regional Directorate of Highways. However, when the Highways did not take over the renovation of the bridges, the Metropolitan Municipality started to work in order not to waste time. At the beginning of this month, Büyükşehir, which started the displacement of the infrastructure of the blind, carried out the construction tender last week.

3 will be built in the form of 3 bridges on each stream including strip, 3 strip arrivals and turnaround strip for Bursaray and will be built in the form of 350 bridges. Considering the traffic on the Ankara Road, the Metropolitan will probably make the bridges as well. According to the report given by the metropolitan authorities, who will put the traffic and alternatives in the region on the table, first the bridge over the Hacivat stream will be started. The construction of these bridges will also begin in order to avoid wasting time while construction of Balıklı and Deliçay bridges.

Source: Olay Newspaper - SEYİT GÜNDOĞAN



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