Regions in Ankara where suburban lines do not work are suffering transportation pain

Citizens suffer from transportation during busy winter days due to the failure of suburban trains in Ankara. Passengers in the townships of Sincan and Etimesgut, hosting more than 5 million of the population approaching 1 million, complain about the insufficient buses. Passengers who say that they are suffering the same suffering every morning at work and back in the evening want the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality to increase their bus service as soon as possible, and they want the State Railways to start the train service.

The bus problem in Sincan, Etimesgut, Eryaman, which is located in the western corridor especially in Ankara, whose population is increasing day by day, has reached an extreme level. It was stated that Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate tried to reduce the morning intensity with dressing services at certain times, but this was insufficient to solve the problem. While there is no place to step inside the bus, bus drivers are trying different methods for the passengers who want to get off against the masses of people waiting at the stops. Bus drivers, who drop their passengers a few meters before or after the stop, cannot prevent the passengers from having to wait a long time in the morning at the stops to flock to the full bus. Passengers pushing the boundaries to find a place for themselves through the middle or rear door where the passenger lands, cause the bus to pick up passengers over its capacity. The passengers, who suffer from this everyday suffering, stress that the female passengers who have to go the most are disturbed. A passenger named Ahmet Başaran said, “I wouldn't get on these buses if they were my wife and daughter. I am ashamed of my humanity because of the view that is experienced every day. This image does not fit into the capital of Turkey. " reacted in the form. A citizen named Cahit Soylu also stated that they faced this problem due to the failure of trains and the completion of the subway, “Every morning, we start the day 1-0. We get tired without going to work. The fights between the passengers or the driver in the bus for various reasons also make us feel like we are back. We bought a house from this region by debt because it is the most suitable place for my budget. If I knew, I would move to a place that was easy to reach as a tenant. I will sell the house if I have the opportunity. ” found in reproach. A female passenger named Emine Uçar said, “There is not even a place to stand on buses. People are officially sticking to the glass at the mouth of the door. The problem we suffer most is that we women stay among so many male passengers. ” said.

EGO General Directorate officials stated that an average of 400 buses on the Sincan and Etimesgut lines, covering the 5th region, out of 380 buses operating across Ankara, went on a daily basis. Hopefully, we are planning to put these buses next time. ” gave information.

Source: CİHAN

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