Stating that they adopted the railroads that were abandoned after the first years of the Republic as a state policy after 2003, Yıldırım said, “When you look before the Republic, the size of the railway network within the Ottoman borders is 14 kilometers. After the proclamation of the republic, with the shrinking of the borders, a railway network of 500 kilometers remained in the Anatolian territory. Many of them were destroyed, neglected, and effectively not used. With the attitude of Atatürk, 4 kilometers of railway networks were built between 400 and 1923. Between 1946 and 135, only 1950 kilometers a year. 2003 is the year of change of the fate of railways. Between 18 and 2003, the amount of railway construction per year was 2003 kilometers. The goal of 2011 is to increase the network of railways from 135 thousand kilometers to 2023 thousand kilometers. ”

Source : http://ekonomi.haberturk.com

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