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The getiril local “condition brought to the tender of the Ankara Metro mobilized Turkish companies. 10 için babayiğit metro came together for the production of local trams and subway cars.

Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) President Nurettin Özdebir, 10 company to produce local tram and metro wagons they have brought together in Turkey. The first step 14 The tender for the 324 wagon set of the Ankara Metro will be launched in February. Let's explain the details ağ The Ministry of Transport announced that the Ankara Metro will make the 324 set wagon tender for 14 February. 29 324 set 29 will be delivered per month according to the announced tender specification in December. The first 75 of the cars will be delivered by 14 per month. The remaining 249 will be delivered gradually in 29 months. However, the ministry set a condition for the tender; "First 75 set in the production of local content percentage 30 will be 51 percent in the next." Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for domestic automakers "a brave one off" after the call on the train 'natives' who have the condition ASO, will produce tender is opened in Turkey babayiðit He started looking for them.


ASO President Özdebir, dozens of companies have reached the conclusion that in fact makes the production company known as the world's giant in Turkey. Özdebir said that tram and subway production are intertwined but 10 is working on two main contractor firm formula formula under these two companies. Özdebir'e companies we asked, provided we do not write their names, gave the following details: am A company from Ankara is making production for one of the most important players in the world. So far they have produced 800 sets. There are also R & D centers in Istanbul, factories in Ankara, Germany and USA. Another company in Bursa has already built the first local tram. 18 received your order. In addition to this, in Kayseri, 80 produces domestic fuel wagons. There are companies in Izmit, Eskisehir and Izmir. De Özdebir noted that the establishment of a joint company is continuing and that the production areas in the first stage will be used and the company will take action to make a new factory in a short time. 14 can be entered as a company in February, not as a consortium. For this, a company will have to enter into a tender and others will have to operate under this producer.

The world's highest production in Alstom
Company Production *
The Alstom 2.500
Mitsubishi 2.400
Bombardier 2.000
Hyundai Rotem 1.000
Siemens 500
Stadler 100
Skoda 100
CAF 100
* Annual capacity Information compiled from ASO.

Most wagons in New York
paris 3.450
London 4.900
NewYork 6.400
Istanbul 280
Istanbul * 3.204
Number of wagon set * 2023 target

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