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Second Railway Line Opened From China to Kazakhstan

According to the Shinhua agency, a freight train from Lienyüngang, the port city of Ciangsu province in eastern China, has crossed the Xinjiang-Kazakhstan border and entered Kazakhstan. It is stated that the train passes from Kargas city of Sincan to Kazakhstan and the highway of the same city [more…]


RayHaber 31.12.2012 Tender Bulletin

TCDD Menemen - Manisa Double Line Railway Project Infrastructure works tender TCDD 3. Maintenance and Maintenance and Measurement Studies of Catenary Systems in the Regions of the Regional Directorate

Intercity Railways

The Black Sea Railway route is not clear yet

Black Sea Railway route is not yet clear Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transportation Habip Soluk, South Ring Road to examine the route of journalists in Giresun answered questions. Soluk, demiryolu A route to the Black Sea to the south by rail [more…]