During the construction of the Yenikapı-Taksim metro, historical artifacts removed from the ground were saved

A fire broke out in the empty building on the 3 floor for an unknown reason in Fatih. The flames jumped to the lower floors of the building where the historical artifacts were removed from under the ground during the construction of the Yenikapı-Taksim metro with the 2 building. Some artifacts in plastic crates were damaged. Fire brigade extinguished the result of the work that lasted about 1 hours.

At the 3 floor empty building on Helvacı Tahsin Street in İlyas Quarter, Helvacı Tahsin Street, fire broke out due to an unknown reason. Citizens who saw flames reported the situation to the fire department. Fatih Fire Department teams due to the difficulty of putting out the fire asked the reinforcement team.


In the meantime, the flames 2 building and Yenikapı-Taksim subway under the ground during the construction of the Byzantine and Ottoman period amphoras of the building was placed on the lower floors of the building. Bakirkoy and Eminonu fire department teams intervened in the fire. Some plastic crates with preserved historical artifacts were melted. Firefighters took out the safes the archaeologists were numbered one by one. Some artifacts were damaged. Fire 1 hours of work was controlled.

Source: Homeland



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