Urban and social 9 transformation exhibition opened from master eyes

The fourth series of the 'Urban and Social Nine Transformation from Master Eyes' photo exhibition, which is planned to be organized in 5 provinces within the framework of the GAP Action Plan Promotion Project carried out by the Ministry of Development GAP Administration, will be opened at the TCDD Railway Museum Exhibition Hall in Ankara Gar.

12 December 2011 Time on Monday 17. The exhibition will be inaugurated at 30 with the ceremony, Ahmet GÜNEŞTEKİN, Coşkun ARAL, Ersin ALOK, Faruk AKBAŞ, İbrahim DEMİREL, İbrahim ZAMAN, İzzet KERİBAR, Sabri ÖZDEMİR and Yakup YENER.

The exhibition can be visited between 12-22 times during 2011-09.00 December 17.00 weekdays.

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