Tüvasaş completed the first wagon prototype for Bulgaria.

Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (Tüvasas), luxury sleeping cars will be produced for Bulgaria has completed the first prototype. Therefore, the General Manager of Railways Bulgaria Georgi Ivanov and his technical team from Turkey, were found in several reviews by visiting Tüvasas.

Tüvasaş General Manager İbrahim Ertiryaki, who gave information about the visit, stated that this project is the result of the intensive marketing activities of 60 with a long-established corporate culture. Faaliyet Tüvasaş, as it is known, has taken the first step to the European market with the 30 pieces of luxury sleeping rail to be produced for the Bulgarian railways. . In order to have a say in this market, we continue to move forward with firm steps. Bu Ertiryaki, said: Tren We made wagons and Diesel Train Set was also appreciated by the delegation of Bulgaria. We offer the rightful pride of having our wagons that have been certified in accordance with international standards to travel in a European Union country to our Sakarya and our country. The use of our wagons in high European railways will be an activity aimed at furthering the vision of the Turkish rail vehicle sector that we have pioneered. Artlar

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