Elevation to Bridges and Highways

The toll of the Highway and Bosphorus Bridges has been reorganized to be effective from 1:2012 on Sunday, January 00.00, XNUMX.
In the statement made by the General Directorate of Highways, access-controlled highways that provide more economical, safe and faster transportation; It is stated that construction, maintenance and operating costs are higher than other transportation systems.
The statement, on the motorways 2 2010 10,21 has been implemented since the date of the need for price toll on the price regulation, wages were increased by the rate of XNUMX was expressed.
Accordingly, the nearest distance fee for the car on the motorway 1,75 pounds, the longest distance 15 pounds, the Bosphorus Bridges automobile toll was determined as 4,25 pounds.
For large vehicles, bridge tolls were determined with 5,50 lira and 32,25 lira range.

Source: sabah



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