New extension works for Samsun rail system started

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, 48 in the west and east direction of the airport and 19 May to extend the route of the existing light rail system has been opened to consult the route draft.

The project prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality on extension of additional 19 to Samsun-Çarşamba Airport in the east direction to 48 May in the west direction between the city center and Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) on the direction of the light rail system operating in the west direction, mayors, representatives of non-governmental organizations The meeting was discussed with the participation of municipal councilors. Kenan Şara, the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, said that the draft was shared with the aim of discussing the project draft and meeting in a common point. The new construction of the line, the industrial zone and Tekkeköy stated that the location of the county is determined by considering Şara, stressed that changes can be made in line with the future demands. The route in the western part of the university will go to the 22 May Police Vocational School by passing through the lane against the last stop, indicating that the route from 19 to May district will be evaluated with a joint work. .

Commenting on the questions of the participants, Şara responded to the suggestions that the system should go to the bus terminal. Şara said, hava In the future, the density of airports will increase. Passenger transport in the bus station will be minimized. There are studies in the direction of high-speed train. High-speed train construction from Samsun to Istanbul is foreseen. Citizen will select the train to 250 kilometers per hour. The bus station potential will drop. We're good, we sold the bus station, we got rid of it. Now we can not sell a price for a quarter, Ş he said.

Clarifying the fact that the construction of BRT instead of the rail system will be short-term and cost-effective, Şara emphasized that this issue is also among the alternatives, but that the regulations on both lines should be made ready for the future in the projects. Reflecting on the criticism of the rail system does not go up to university, Şara said, am The rail system had slope problems. He can't go after a certain slope. The university is at a steep spot. If I was a university manager, I wouldn't be in college. Because it destroys tires with tires Çünkü. Atakum Mayor Metin Burma and the Mayor of Tekkeköy Hayati Tekin participated in the meeting and the problem of dolmuşçular was also discussed.

Source: Samsun Municipality



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