Regional dressing for Ankara suburban crisis TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman

Following the interruption of the commuter train service in Ankara, the number of times of regional trains during peak hours was increased, and these trains were stopped at every suburban station.

BAŞKENT In Ankara, 1 started the Baskantray project on August and the passengers of the commuter trains stopped by TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman.

In Ankara, regional trains running between Ankara Gar and Polatlı and Ankara Gar-Kırıkkale were increased during the peak hours of the regional trains. These trains were also provided with the opportunity to load and unload passengers at the suburban stops.

We apologize

Karaman said, kayn We are implementing a Başkentray project, which will be a source of pride for Ankara residents on the existing commuter route when it is put into service. We apologize for the inconvenience and expect patience Ver.
One of Başkentray projects, Sincan-Ankara between the 125 days before the construction work began as a result of the line capacity 264'den 60 units were reduced to the expression of TCDD General Manager Karaman, said:

Adet All of the 60 train capacity allocated to outline and regional and freight trains, especially high-speed trains, are allocated to 05.00 xNUMX xNUMX up to 24.00, 36 pieces outline passengers and 14 regional passenger trains. It is allocated to 10-24.00 freight trains. Due to the measures taken within the scope of the Başkantray project, it is not possible to operate suburban trains. Therefore, we want to apologize and wait for our patience as the TCDD, one of those who use suburban trains in the capital Ankara.,

Source: Hürriyet



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