Palandoken Ski Center

Christmas preparations have been completed at Palandöken Ski Center, which is one of the most important ski resorts in the world.
In Palandöken, whose runways have been renewed as part of the 25th World Universities Winter Games, business owners have carried out a feverish effort to provide the best service to their guests. The start of snowfall in some regions earlier than expected this year made the tourist face laugh before Christmas. The snow falling in early December in most regions triggered the New Year holiday maker and occupancy rates reached 80 percent in winter tourism regions. Authorities stated that the snow falling this year is “quality”, “Sometimes it snows but keeps it difficult. The snow falling this year is not quality and watery. Tourism centers are full due to New Year. ”
Xanadu Hotel Manager Ertaç Bozkurt stated that they have organized special programs for the guests coming in the new year, even though they have opened their hotels, and said that they will organize two separate halls at the beginning of the year. Stating that the organization will start with a gala dinner accompanied by orchestra, Bozkurt said, “Reservations have begun to come for the New Year. There is an intense demand from Russia and Ukraine. Our occupancy rate, which is now at 50 percent, will reach 70 percent with new demands. As Xanadu, we have completed all preparations for the new year. ”
Nuri Avşarer, the Director of the Dedeman Hotel in Palandöken, also stated that they organize various activities both in the interior and exterior for New Year's Eve, and emphasized that guests from different countries will have fun dancing in the ballroom until 23.30:XNUMX.
Explaining that guests will participate in outdoor activities later, Avşarer said, “New Year's Eve fireworks and ski torch show will be held. Our entertainment program will continue until 03.00:XNUMX in the morning. ”
Avsarer stated that they are organizing an event that will be enjoyed by the guests and that all organization preparations for Christmas have been completed.
Referring to the arrival of reservations from different countries for the New Year, Avşarer said, “Our occupancy rate is now at 70 percent. However, we will achieve full occupancy at the beginning of the year. Russia, Iran, Ukraine and Turkey will be our guests, "he said.

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