Köseköy - Gebze line to be closed to traffic

1 January 2012 The market will be closed for traffic between 10.00 and 15.00 hours in Köseköy - Gebze section.


The construction of the Eskişehir-İstanbul section of the Ankara-İstanbul High Speed ​​Train Line, which is the biggest high speed train line of our country, is still underway. For this purpose, the construction works in the 158 km section between İnönü and Köseköy continue intensively. With the construction of 56 km Köseköy-Gebze between 214 and 2012 km between the Inonu-Gebze 2013 and 31 will enter into a busy work tempo. End date of all stages of the project; The 2013 range is 24. As of today, the last XNUMX has been entered.

Between İnönü and Alifuatpaşa: infrastructure works are in progress

Between Mekece and Pamukova: rail assembly continues

From Alifuatpaşa to Sapanca: 8 will be auctioned in February, the works will start in March and will last for 21 months.

Between Köseköy and Gebze: 1 Construction will start in January. 2 year lines will remain closed.

The new High Speed ​​Train line intersects the existing railway line in some places; The Köseköy-Gebze section sits entirely on the existing line due to the unfamiliar difficulties. In fact, it is not possible to maintain the train traffic at the same time.

The Köseköy-Gebze section, where the new line intersects with the current line, must be completed concurrently with the Eskişehir-Köseköy stage and the line must be completed in 2013.

The project is also one of the largest projects with the support of European Union grant funds.

The current line between Köseköy and Gebze was built on 1890. 122 will be rebuilt after the year and its physical and geometric conditions will be adapted to YHT management.

In this context;

As it is known, there is no level crossing on High Speed ​​Train lines.

In order to make this sector suitable for YHT management, the current line will be completely renewed and the line will be put under contract; The Köseköy-Gebze section will be fully aligned with the HRC standards.

There are 9 tunnels on the line, 10 tunnels, 122 bridges and 141 pieces. If necessary, these structures will be modified and standardized. 28 pieces of new culverts and 1 underpasses shall be constructed.

1 Million 800 thousand cubic meter excavation and 720 thousand cubic meter filling will be realized within the scope of construction.

The current route is double-stranded, however, since the lines are located on the same platform, one of the line is open and the other is not suitable for the execution of the work, the duration of the project construction and the costs.

1 January 2012 Since the market day, even research and ground survey studies will be carried out in Köseköy - Gebze section between the hours of 10.00 and 15.00 will be closed to the line traffic and trains will not be operated.

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