Konya YHT station's makeup flowed

The train, which was organized in and out of the country, was unable to lift the density of the high-speed train, which was a great service for Konya. The failure of high-speed train services and the waiting of the citizen in the cold causes problems.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Konya, brought to support with the support of Konya and many other areas of the industry from tourism to the further movement of the High Speed ​​Train, almost make-up done, showing the refurbished Konya Garı was unable to remove.


With the Mevlana Memorial Ceremonies, the number of voyages and passenger density is increasing in the fast train, the delays in the voyages occasionally find an hour. Due to the small and insufficient passenger waiting area of ​​the train station, many passenger trains have to wait outside. Passengers, cold winter days to get on the train by passing the security checks on the bus tail reminiscent of the bus meters are waiting in the cold for several minutes. The fact that peron sections are not closed causes the passengers to be miserable especially during the evening voyages.


Passengers in the train station explaining the negativity, waiting hall is not enough and increasing the number of train voyages and a very busy crowd occurred, saying that the fast train has experienced security problems. Before the departure times, there was a large crowd in the waiting room and the passengers said that they did not want to go to the platform area because of the cold weather. Gitmek There should be a larger waiting room and a bigger garage in a city like Konya. In


Expressing that the high-speed train has security problems, the citizens said that they experienced a number of disturbing incidents, especially after the train had moved. Some people who harm the environment from time to time, but because of the lack of security measures until the intervention of some citizens advocating that the Polatlı, said they experienced uneasiness in their travels. 5 minutes before the train departure hours, the ticket for the "penalty system" applied to the passengers who explain the disturbance, 5 minutes before the one-hundred percent increase in the tickets said the application is wrong.


Due to the lack of security in the high speed train journey and the small number of waiting rooms, the traffic problem in gar area harassed the citizens. High-speed train to travel with the citizens coming to the bus station, the car park is not used in the people of the car in front of the station and put it in the entrance and exit problems, he said. Expressing that the crowd in the region during the high-speed train affected traffic negatively, the region's tradesmen should immediately find a solution to this problem. On the other hand, the taxi station in the gar district is also moved forward, so passengers who want to travel by taxi are having trouble finding a taxi.

Source: New Meram



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