High-speed train between Istanbul and Ankara to be finished in 2013

Transport Minister Binali Yildirim recalled that the fully equipped 120 wagon was mobilized for the Van earthquake and announced the preparation of wagons with heating and lighting installations in large earthquakes.

The Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train will be finished at 2013. Istanbul-Antalya and Erzincan-Trabzon high-speed trains will be completed in 2023 projection

The name of the Ministry of Transport was changed to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Journalism with the new cabinet. Binali Yildirim, one of the most industrious names of the AK Party, directs transportation and communication technology policies with its additional responsibility areas in the new period. Minister Yıldırım, a few days ago, visited the newspaper of the Ankara Newspaper.

We talked about the major projects ongoing in Turkey in the morning for breakfast. The Minister pointed out that it is too late to solve the traffic problem of Istanbul and that it is very wrong to build the infrastructure projects after the superstructure. Minister said that Turkey is one of the fastest growing countries in the world aviation Lightning, passengers, gave the news they want, even if direct flights from Ankara America.

Yıldırım said that the Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train will be extended to Antalya via Afyon, and that the high-speed train lines will be extended to Erzincan, Diyarbakır and Trabzon in 2023. Stressing that they prepare a full-fledged wagons against earthquakes, lightning, Turkey is divided into 25 regions with the mobile station and announced that they would provide the interruption of communication during an earthquake. With Minister Binali Yıldırım sohbetIn summary, we talked about:

What is the high-speed train project between Istanbul and Ankara?

3 is scheduled in hours. Most 3,5 hours will last. We are planning to finish at the end of 2013.

How about high-speed train projects in other regions?

We are working on Bursa-Bilecik line. We plan to finish in about 3 years. It will be possible to go by train from Ankara to Izmir. A long line of about 600 kilometers. At least 4 requires an annual study. Our high-speed train lines will extend from Kars-Tbilisi to Baku. Ankara-Sivas high-speed train line will be completed at 2015. n There is a long delay in Marmaray, which is said to breathe into Istanbul traffic, what is the situation? When will it be put into service? Until the end of 2013 we will start test drives in Marmaray.

How secure is the rail system infrastructure against earthquakes?

We don't have a security problem. The rail system infrastructure is being developed by considering earthquakes on a large scale. Because there is less chance of a problem on the horizontal surface. Even if there is minor damage due to the earthquake, we immediately send the teams and ensure that they are quickly corrected. Look, if you pay attention to the earthquake in Van, the transportation and communication did not fail even for an hour. We took very serious lessons from the 1999 earthquake. There were some damages at Van Airport, but we prevented the disruption of flights by taking immediate measures. I distinguish Turkey against a possible earthquake in the region and founded 25 mobile stations. We will intervene in the earthquake and will stop the communication from being interrupted.

Ankara metro is finished?

We are in the tender stage. Prices will be received in the middle of this month. First, we determined the technical competencies of companies. After all, if you look at it, we're taking on an unfinished business. If we do not know what we do not know the system 2,5 in the year to complete the tests aim to start.

Ankara-Eskişehir high speed train station?

Build-Operate-Transfer model will be re-tender.


In Istanbul, especially in the morning, suburban trains are overwhelmingly criticized. Do you have any work in this area?

Up to 50 of the lines you mention is changing. New sets are always coming. This problem will be solved when Marmaray enters. We need a couple of years of patience.

Citizens "Ankara closed the suburban lines?" He comes to a lot of questions.

We're closing down, because we're renewing. Suburban lines are closing due to the introduction of new train lines and sets. About 1,5 will remain closed for years. When the stations, railways and vehicles are renewed, we will offer a modern system with everything. Think about it; The lines 60-70 have almost never been handled for years.

How to cross the Ilgaz Mountain tunnel?

This is a total 5 kilometer tunnel. We're doing his project right now. I'm guessing that 3 will end in years.

When can we reach Istanbul from Istanbul by train?

In terms of time factor, it would not be an alternative to the plane. But it is definitely an important alternative to the highway. I think that the fast train transportation between Istanbul and Antalya will be able to find 6 hours.

Will the high speed train reach the Black Sea?

Erzincan-Trabzon will be our line. It's not a high-speed train, but if we compare it to conventional trains, we can say it's a kind of high-speed train.


What will be the future of Haydarpasa Train Station and its surroundings?

We've already finished the roof. When Marmaray enters, Haydarpaşa Station and its surroundings are in vain. 2,5 has been working years for the correct evaluation of the area. We have received approval from historical and cultural assets protection boards. No more train to Haydarpaşa Train Station. It is a very complicated and spider web project that continues in the region. 29 will finish on October 2013. We have lost 2004 years because of archaeological excavations at Marmaray, which we started at 5!

There are heavy attacks against the silhouette in Istanbul. How will it be possible to avoid similar things in Haydarpaşa?

A lot of attention was given to the issue of silhouette. Concept projects with skyscrapers in the past will not be implemented. They were things on paper. No skyscraper. We maintain the current building height.

Istanbul is late in the rail system. London started at 1904. 450 mileage system. During the same period, Istanbul remained in the nostalgic tunnel of 900 meters!

  1. How's the bridge attempt?

Tender 2. times postponed. Demand came from the companies, 10 January for the project we've announced again. If objections come, 3. Can the bridge project stop? The legal obstacle does not appear, but it can be an obstacle at every stage as the project continues. Turkey is a state of law. Everyone can go to the judiciary against the decisions of the administration. But I don't see a big problem with the bridge. I think 5 will be completed in all its ways throughout the year. We do not do it with budget but with build-operate-transfer formula. Those who oppose the bridge should also say a solution.

Kadıköy- Will the Kartal subway go to Tuzla? Is the continuation line planned?

It will continue until Sabiha Gokcen.

KadıköyWill it be possible to take the metro from Atatürk Airport and go to Atatürk Airport?

Yes, in 2014 you will be able to go with a single transfer.

Posta Newspaper - Hakan Celik



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