Unreasonable death in the cable car

70-year-old Koksal Kaymaz's jacket in the Caykent town of Rize was stuck in a primitive cable car that suddenly moved while loading cargo. Moving in this way for a while Kaytaz, as a result of the rupture of his jacket fell and died.
Köksal Kaytaz, living in Kireçhane Village of Çaykent Town, started to load loads on the primitive cable car that was established between two valleys yesterday evening. However, the cable car moved. Koksal Kaytaz jacket fitted to the cable car, went this way for a while. Jacket attached to the cable car, tore, could not bear more. Koksal Kaytaz crashed to the ground with a big noise.
Gendarmerie and medical teams were sent to the scene on the notice of the villagers. Health teams reaching the region in a short time in his examination, Kaytaz was found to have lost his life.
Kaytaz'ın relatives who flocked to the scene of news of death and nervous breakdown shed tears.
Koksal Kaytaz's body, the morgue removed after the investigation at the scene, the gendarmerie teams launched an investigation into the incident.

Source: mynet




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