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Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Gökçek who explained the cable car project, showed examples from the world practices in his presentation.
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek responded to the criticisms while conveying information about the applications of the ropeway system in the world, saying, “It emerges as an ideal public transportation alternative to assist existing public transportation vehicles in 5 continents in urban community transportation”.

Gökçek made a presentation about the ropeway project at the Metropolitan Municipality Council.

Melih Gökçek, in his presentation titled "ropeways and urban public transportation applications in the world", stated that the ropeway is known as a means of transportation that is used only for touristic facilities and ski centers in mountainous regions, but it has been increasingly used as a means of urban public transportation in recent years. said it was started.

Among the major cities that use cable cars in public transport, Gökçek is Hong Kong, Singapore, Koblenz (Germany), Bolzano (Italy), New York (USA), Portland, Oregon (USA), Caracas (Venezuela), Rio de Janerio (Brazil). ) said that he came and conveyed information about the applications with visual materials. Gökçek noted the following regarding the benefits of the ropeway:

“If you take 10 thousand passengers an hour, or 5 thousand one-way passengers by cable car, it is equivalent to 100 bus services. Likewise, 2 thousand automobile voyages meet only 5 thousand one-way cable cars.

As a result, the ropeway in urban public transportation is low in construction cost, fast in construction, environmentally friendly, quiet, between points that are not too long with the city center, but where there are serious elevation differences, especially in Dikmen, in order to help the public transportation vehicles already available in the 5 continents of the world. zero emission, no smoke, it emerges as an ideal public transportation alternative, especially between areas with elevation difference. "

-Put-operate method is considered-

Pointing out that Dikmen has a dense population, Gökçek said, "We believe that we will solve the problem by moving this population to Kızılay from the air."

According to the information given by Gökçek, Dikmen Valley Cable Car System is planned to be 10 stops in total including the start and end stations, but it is stated that it can go up to 13. The cable car is thought to be 9 kilometers long. The starting point is Güvenpark and the ending point is Panora AVM. “Travel within 24 minutes from the point of departure of the minibuses in Güvenpark can be 40 minutes when we add the stops”, Gökçek said.

During the presentation, some members of the CHP parliament made comments like "I hope the end is not like the subway". Gökçek said, “I hope we will have this done with the build-operate method. It seems to be a profitable business for the doer, and we think that he can aspire for it. For example, you cannot find the metro, but you can easily find it in this ”.

Asked about the cost of the ropeway, Gökçek, cost is based on various factors such as the size and speed of the ropeway, stating that 10 million dollars, 30-40 million dollars can go up, he said.

Gökçek answered the question "before the election" when it can be done.

- It will consist of two stages.

Gökçek noted that in the section of the presentation regarding the possible route of the cable car, the starting point will be a transition from Güvenpark to Dikmen, in front of the General Staff, and in the meantime, if Çankaya Municipality gives permission in the park on the route, a stop can be placed here, otherwise there will be a "transit pass".

Gökçek said that in the first stage of the project, Dikmen will reach the 4th stage residences, the next route is relative, and the planning will be carried out according to the houses to be built in the 4th stage. Gökçek said, “The first stage will finish first, the second stage will finish later. I hope we will finish the first stage in a very short time, ”he said.

Metropolitan Mayor Gokcek, information about the cable car, especially for those who have fear of heights to go as low as possible, he said.

After his presentation, Gökçek criticized those who claimed that public transportation by cable car is not anywhere in the world and asked "these city planners to see the world".

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