This is the exact solution for Bursa!

While managing Bursa ir
Against the problems, ecek Is the solution the definitive or the dressing? Olan, the answer to this question and the step in this direction is important.

Advanced and branded cities provide full solutions to mass transportation through rail system. Even in the former Soviet countries, we didn't.

Bursa Chamber of Civil Engineers (İMO) criticized the rail system policy of the local government with a harsh statement.

There's tension!

Before the end of the transportation master planning which the Metropolitan Municipality wants to prepare for a special institution, rail system applications are entered.

World famous Dr. Brenner, the institution, the local government to put the lines of political will and the front of their plans to run the plans are discussed.

These days Şu

Announcing the start of Atatürk Caddesi- Kent Meydanı line immediately re-opened the discussions.


We returned from Barcelona, ​​Spain. In the program of the 4 daily program of the IMO, we know the transportation system and the system.

We've come across a massive subway work!

It's all over the city. When you get off a stop, it makes the whole city travel underground.

Is Bursa going wrong in the solution?

On the agenda!

In Europe and in Istanbul, it is possible to conclude that the underground rail system is needed in Bursa as well as the subways as well as the subways.

The existing data requires a tunnel between Merinos and Atatürk Street. This method was envisaged for the connection from the City Square to Yalova Road.

The urban tramway tunnel method will be covered. Practical and cheap, but the dressing application will be in question. In Barcelona there is the 24 metro line 150 kilometers. It was started years ago.

Although Bursa's most central avenues are limited, it is hard to tolerate service breaks through infrastructure excavations.

The first tramway application on Cumhuriyet Caddesi staggered vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Whether or not a solution project is being discussed.

Tunneling method should be handled!


Barcelona, ​​one of the most beautiful examples, IMA Bursa Branch Chairman Necati Sahin, we personally witnessed and lived.

Sahin, the correspondence with the local government also expects an answer to his questions in person and does not care about the explanations themselves.

Or The truth of what we say is Barcelona is an example! Şahin says Şahin, who is strongly opposed to the logic of not making a tunnel and making more lines on the ground.

Sahin, opposing the construction of the central tram line, "This policy, to prevent the historic error," he says.

By the way…

When making paths Yol


De We have to think big! De, the same thought with the rail system, the tunnel method should not be discussed?

The city center of Bursa will never grow and people will be in the same center and its surroundings?

What is happening in less time than other business, 90 completed in the day, but do not provide complete solutions in the middle of what happened with junction la If the project, which will bring the full solution, will be done at the time, here it is, to reach the real goal.

Source: Serkan İnceoğlu - Bursa Domination



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