Bursaray Phase II Opening - Worth the Efforts of the Metropolitan

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, although the tender was held in the last period, the Görükle Line project, which was provided with the savings of 36 savings, the Bursaray Labor Line was opened to voyages. Altepe stated that they have used the advantages of working with the Turkish company in the reconsideration of an international tender dossier, and that they are working with the contractor firm 3 ay geceli daylight in order to provide this savings, and that they ultimately use Bursa's resources in the most efficient way.

Bursa in the direction of this period with the aim of knitting with iron networks in the first tender for the tender before the election of the project was initiated in line with the Metropolitan Municipality, the 6,5 kilometer of some arrangements made even with approximately 36 savings. Within the scope of this savings, it was decided to add a line with an 2,5 kilometer line to the end of the Organized Industrial Zone. Speeding up the work in this direction, the Metropolitan Municipality, Görükle line's Altınşehir, Ertuğrul and Özlüce stations in December last year, the other stations of the line of the Centenary, Batıkent and University stations in September opened the voyage. Bursaray Labor Line, which is also part of the same project and which also has a large construction area of ​​2, is located at the juncture of the existing junctions.

“We keep our promise, we are proud“

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Labor Line, Recep Mayor Recep Altepe, Bursa, said they had the pride of keeping their promise. President Altepe reminded that they will be the 'period of savings' of this period when they took up the office and said that the 250 million TL is too much for the 6,5 kilometer line, and that more money should be made in the early days. Although the international tender, the company has taken advantage of the advantages of the Turkish firm has taken the advantage Altepe, ın About 3 month until the morning of our municipality experts and contractor firm officials worked on the project. We saw some unnecessary details. While tunneling was done at many points, the drilling tunnel was envisaged at the university. We turned this into a tunnel. In this project 900 meter was opened and closed tunnel. In the end, all our efforts were to use the resources of Bursa in the most efficient way. Sonuçta

The change also pleased the university

All the changes made in the Görükle line were welcomed by the university senate. Altepe said that the line they had made went further than the old project to the 150 meter. In the old project, the last stop at the end of the citizens to reach the emergency 400 meter to walk to express the President Altepe, üm Now we can change the 80 meter walk to the polyclinics is possible. In addition, the last stop was planned between the buildings. This was a security problem. Since the vehicles coming from Görükle, İrfaniye and Kayapa were not suitable for entering the campus, the line had to be parallel to the main road. In addition, it would not be easy to extend the line between the buildings to the Görükle and İrfaniye areas in the future. However, the line can now be extended at any time. With these changes we made, we made transportation to the university easier and also gave Bursa a line with approximately 2,5 kilometers. Biz

Bursa is the center of the rail system

Expressing that the number of passengers increased in parallel to the opening of additional lines to the rail system, President Altepe stated that the number of passengers with 2009 thousand at the beginning of 131 is now 181 thousand and this number is increasing day by day. Although this period is not in the program in the city to meet the east of the city in the comfortable transportation to the tender Kestel line that they have started the construction work in a short time President President Altepe, ve in our own project, using local loans and traded on the TL, this even reduced the cost by 70 percent. In other words, the 10 pound of every 7 lute is left in our case. We are not satisfied with extending the lines, we are now working for the supply of new vehicles. On the one hand, we are becoming a logistics center for railroad systems and on the other hand for the neighboring cities and surrounding countries in the production of trams and wagons lı.

Our priority transportation

Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dündar stated that they work in coordination with the Metropolitan Municipality in all the projects that carry Bursa to the future and they attach great importance to transportation investments. Dundar stated that they are working to open vertical roads to this road while Metropolitan Municipality is continuing to work on the 30 meter road by Soğanlı, en Besides, 5 started its journey with the aim of 5 car park. Of these, we opened the 2, construction in two of them reached 50, and one of them completed the expropriation work. The fact that Istanbul-Bursa between high-speed trains will land at 1 hours will make Bursa a real attraction. For this reason, I believe that we should increase our efforts in this area in order to avoid problems in transportation especially in the future. Özellikle

More manufacturing with the same budget

Talat Yapi Group Deputy Chairman Köksal Anadol, who is the contractor of Tewet-Yapı Merkezi Consortium, said that they are doing more manufacturing with the same budget and they are happy to bring 2,5 mileage to Bursa. Ehir We are happy to open the 33 project in Turkey and abroad, Bel said Anadol, adding, “With the changes we have made with the re-consideration of the project by our Metropolitan Municipality, we are now giving 2,5 kilometers to Bursa. We are proud of having completed this project within the same budget and at the same time. Bu

Bursa is on its way to becoming a world city

Aziz Torun, the head of the Torunlar Group of Companies, who provided support to the Emek Junction in the scope of the project, said that he saw himself as an 'honorary Bursalı'. Reminding that Turkey real estate investment in the food and provinces across 13 grandchildren, "But we started with in Bursa Zafer Plaza shopping center concept. We still do xnumx'ünc the Korupark as Turkey's largest shopping center. Therefore Bursa has a special place for me. Sanayi I am pleased that Bursa is moving forward to become a world city in every field, including trade, industry and tourism. Bursa

Deputy Governor Hüseyin Demirciler, who attended the ceremony, stated that the Metropolitan Municipality attaches great importance to the concepts of perfectionism and speed in its investments in every area, especially transportation, and congratulated Mayor Altepe and his team.

Chairman of the AK Party Provincial Chairman Sedat Yalçın'ın attended the ceremony after the speeches, President Altepe, contractor company representatives and Torunlar Group Torunlar President Torunlar Group gave a plaque to commemorate the day. Subsequently, the President Altepe and the protocol members, who opened the line to travel by cutting ribbons, made the first journey between Korupark and Emek stations together.

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