Bursa-Yenişehir YHT contract is signed on 19.12.2011


There were striking developments yesterday evening.

AK Party Bursa deputy Mustafa Ozturk from Ankara and Minister Yildirim's speech on the project for the Bursa high-speed train was clarified.

Ozturk, high-speed train in the construction of Bursa-Yenişehir stage infrastructure construction of the appeal process 17 will be filled on Saturday and Saturday 393 million 170 thousand 105 lira In the absence of any objection by YSE Yapi-Tepe Construction Joint Venture, which won the tender with the bid, 19 announced that it will be invited by TCDD on December Monday and said:

Doğru In Bursa domination, all about the high-speed train are correct. The company can complete the necessary transactions and 19 can sign the contract in December. Of course, there are daily waiting times for these operations. In other words, the date of signing of the contract depends on the completion of transactions such as deposit of taxes and final guarantee. Therefore, the date can be any day between 10-19 December. After the contract is signed, the site will be delivered and the infrastructure construction works of the Bursa-Yenişehir stage will start. Of course this is a big project. During the start of such a project, we would like to have Mr. Prime Minister with us in Bursa. In this regard, of course, we will have an invitation and we will organize a ceremony Bu

Ozturk also, Yenişehir-Bilecik line contract-project tender, the contract was signed yesterday, the contract will be awarded after the completion of the construction of the construction works, he said. It is not clear when the Bursa-Bilecik high-speed train line will be completed.

The point is very interesting
Apparently, the Minister Yıldırım, in his speech in Parliament, "Bursa-Yenişehir stage delivery has been made," he did hurried!

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