Metrobus line is planned for Bursa intercity bus terminal

📩 24/11/2018 09:41

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, with the Hüdavendigar City Park and Bursa's largest park at the intersection of the Osmangazi and Nilufer districts at the intersection point, will add to the vision of Gökdere Sports and Amusement Park project also came to the final stage.

Speaking about the transportation projects of the Metropolitan Municipality, President Altepe, opened the service line of labor, comfortable metro transportation said they gave the last example. Indicating that they will establish mechanical car parks near the stations with high traffic in the railway system and tram line, President Altepe said: One of the main factors that lock the traffic in the city is due to the special vehicle density. Special vehicle owners will be able to park their vehicles in rail car parks near metro stations and tram routes, and continue their transportation with rail system. We started to give examples of mechanical parking on Incirli tram line. BURBAK 20, which provides parking services for our Metropolitan Municipality, ordered mechanical parking. 4 24 vehicles are designed as vehicle capacity. Lü President Altepe, Mudanya and the intercity terminal on Yalova Road and the Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone (DOSAB) for the fast and uninterrupted transportation. Metrobus will form lines, he added.

Source: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality

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