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Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Station Square, promised the Adanalılar. Transport Minister Binali Yildirim does not give a clear date for the transfer of the Adana Metro. ”As soon as possible, the turnover will take place, Adana says Necati Çetinkaya, the chief adviser and prime minister of Adana. Zihni Aldırmaz, Deputy Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, is trying to solve the problem with ring buses by short-term measures. The people who want to resolve the problem of chronic transportation is impatient.


ADANA (YENİGÜN) - Chief Advisor to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Adana MP Necati Çetinkaya said that the Adana Metro would be transferred to the Ministry of Transport as soon as possible and the traffic problem of Adana would be solved. Çetinkaya, who gave an exclusive interview to ADANA TV, which is the first channel of Adana broadcasting via satellite, stated that he had conveyed the problems of Adana to the Prime Minister and that he was also a follower of the transfer of the Metro which is one of the most important problems. we are negotiating. Soon we will take the foundations of the stadium and health complex to be built in Adana together yap. Çetinkaya told that Adana will become an energy base and that they aim to realize all the promises given until 2023, and did not give a clear date about the transfer of the Metro.

As it is known, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said during the election rallies by mentioning the people in the Station Square, Ad The Metro will be transferred to the Ministry of Transportation and Adana will be freed from this hump Bil. Transport Minister Bin Ali Yildirim recently said in a statement on the agenda of the Ankara Metro, now said that the Adana Metro is pending.


Zihni Aldırmaz, Deputy Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, is trying to relieve the traffic in Adana with his temporary solutions. 5 thousands of passengers a day 6-40 thousand passengers carried on the metro thanks to the number of passengers placed on the ring buses. However, these measures do not solve the problem as well as impatience is also impatient.

Explaining his thoughts on this issue, Adanalılar said, ur When our MPs are talking, they always talk about themselves. They don't say anything clear. At what time the subway will be transferred to the Ministry of Transport and construction of the construction will start. The date of the foundation of the Stadium and Health Complex will be taken. As in Eskişehir and Konya, there will be a high speed train to Adana. Karatas-Yumurtalık will be in the tourist region of time. When will Ceyhan become the Energy Base? Var, and asked the deputies of Adana Ömer Çelik, Necati Çetinkaya, Ali Küçükaydın, Fatoş Gürkan, Mehmet Şükrü Erdinç and Necdet Ünüvar to become more active.

Source: Media Yenigün



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