Samsun Rail System Tender in 2012

Tender to be made within 2012 Year for Extension of Rail System Route. Initiatives for Taflan Rail Road and Wednesday Airport Line Construction

Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Zeki Murzioğlu, Samsun Commodity Exchange Chairman Sinan Cakir, Samsunspor President Kazim Yilmaz, Tax Department Head Şuayip Sevgi, Ulusoy Flour Factory Chairman Fahrettin Ulusoy, KASİAD President Abdurrahman Hacıkerimoğlu, Deputy Mayor Turan Çakır, Çınarlık Mayor Brought together with many businessmen and furniture stores, Yilmaz, Yilmaz, made in the city about the projects and made statements about the investments.

Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz said, “Studies and projects are underway to strengthen the tourism infrastructure in Samsun. The construction of two separate hotels will take place in our city. In addition, Güral Group will start hotel investment in a month. Five-star hotels will be finished in about 24 months. The works carried out in Tekel buildings in Cumhuriyet Square will be concluded as of July. It is also built here in a 580-car parking lot. In addition, we continue our efforts to extend the Rail System route to Taflan and Çarşamba Airport. In this regard, we called on non-governmental organizations regarding the route. As a result of our consultations with non-governmental organizations, our work on the route will end in 2-3 months. We will make a tender and start the investment related to the route in 2012 ”.

One of the biggest criticisms about the Rail System was the distance of the line. Everyone agreed, at least if it had to be extended from the airport. With this Tender to be Made in 2012, the Rail System will be Extended in the East until Wednesday Airport and will extend to Taflan in the West. The Rail System Will Have Provided The Transportation Problem In Samsun In A Quick And Safe Way.

In addition, One of the Biggest Expectations of the People of Samsun is Farm Road (Istiklal Street) Closed to Traffic Like Istiklal Street in Istanbul and Crossing the Street for Transportation.


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