Rail criticism bombardment to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality!

When the opinions are explained, there are criticisms.
Who says what matters!


Chamber of Civil Engineers Bursa Branch, the city's transportation and tram lines that are considered by the local government were explained.

The current operation was explained with striking detection and data. New applications to be made, were put on the balance.

We listened to criticism.

Although it is the center of science, the address of the public body of the İMO, Bursa's most truth came to the front of the media again.

The rail system was shown as the definitive solution to the general transportation system and the problem of public transportation, but was emphasized by the truth.

Necati Şahin, Chairman of İMO Bursa Branch, stated that the occupancy rate, which is% 76, decreased to 35 this year. The tramway on the Cumhuriyet-Incirli line was also included in the definition of urban accessories.

Detailed, detailed views were announced.

In the period when the main planning preparations for the new period for settled order and transportation were carried out, it was amazed to start the rail system additional line and bridge junction projects.

It was explained that scientific studies and future predictions, scientific truths and concepts were ignored.

From the City Square to the Yalova Road rail system connection with Merinos-Setbasi thought of the cancellation of the underground lines were opposed.

It has also been claimed that the regional car park application for the Labor Station has disappeared and the additional line, which includes this station, was not made with the savings of% 36. The link to Uludağ University was said to be disconnected from the main function.

While the central tramway line to be applied was also considered, the cancellation of the underground tunnel method was shown as a serious final solution deviation.

The tram line which is considered between Atatürk Street and Kent Square is considered as a service mistake by the long distance planning of one way and voyages. The intersection of vehicle traffic is another serious distress.

Sahin, 4 to address the first central line in contact with the manufacturer also brought in the agenda.

Alstom, Siemens, Stadler and Peza, these companies are also learned, as the IMO, so that the rightfulness of the sector is understood by the eyes of the said.
Another highlight is Altı

The need for the light rail system, old type tram and new generation tram applications in the rail system to be interconnected and complementary ... It is emphasized that such a situation will not be taken into consideration.

He also reminded that the Metropolitan Municipality had assigned a company for transportation planning and said, s This company was asked what should be done and it did not end. The municipality is making new projects. Fethiye Viaduct, which is intended to be built on the road to Mudanya, will be a new example and a freak. In the face of this table, we think that both the company and the municipality's own experts are also troubled. Bu

On the ground of science and on the grounds of public service, the IMO is on the stage again. Even if it was not based on the invitation of public administration, the participation of the city administration was implemented from outside.

Source: Serkan İnceoğlu - Bursa Hakimiyet columnist



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