Eagle-Kadıköy Test drive on the metro line

Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, has been designed to withstand 9 earthquakes and has a daily capacity of 1,5 million passengers.Kadıköy Test drive on the subway line.
Arriving at Kartal Station, Topbaş took the subway on foot, which was specially designed for visually impaired citizens. Metro's, Kartal - [/ color]Kadıköy Topbaş, who made the test drive on 11.11.2011 at 11.11, which is a special date for today, posed for journalists in the vatman seat. Kadıköy Topbaş, who came to the station, said in a statement here, KadıköyHe said that they started the test drive of the Kartal metro line, the system was designed to be resistant to an earthquake of 9 intensity, this line could carry 1.5 million passengers a day.
Stating that this line is very important especially for the Anatolian side and that the line will be overcome in a short time like 29 minutes, Topbaş said, “Our citizens coming from Kartal to the Ayrılıkçeşme Station will be able to pass to other stations on the European side via Marmaray. KadıköyStating that the total investment they will make in Istanbul by the end of this year will be 44 billion TL, and half of this figure is spent on transportation, Topbaş said that these works are invisible because they are underground. Stating that thousands of people are carrying out these works 40 meters under the ground, day and night, Topbaş said, “In the near future, Istanbulites will feel and see these works much better. We have increased the existing 44,1 kilometer rail system in Istanbul to 82 kilometers, and this figure will reach 2014 kilometers in 230. In 2014, 4 million 950 thousand people will be using our rail systems a day. ”With a total length of 22 kilometers, Kadıköy- Stating that the cost of the Kartal metro line is 1,6 billion dollars, Topbaş said that they will extend this line 4,5 kilometers to Pendik-Kaynarca, and that the total expenditure made with the commissioning of this line will reach 3 quadrillion 225 billion TL. Üsküdar-Ümraniye Tepe Üstü- Stating that they made the subway tender in the direction of Çekmeköy and that this line is planned to be completed in 38 months, Topbaş stated that when this line is activated, the serious traffic density in this direction will be reduced. Kadir Topbaş, on the other hand, will make all buses in Istanbul comfortable by the end of 2013, Stating that they want to develop the subways as a system and with this system, citizens will no longer prefer to buy their individual vehicle, Topbaş said, “The test drives of this line should continue for a few more months. In February 3, this line will begin carrying passengers. The wagons in this line have a system that can be used without a mechanic. A person will be able to place the wagons in the garage by looking at the screen. ”-The features of the line- It has a length of about 2012 kilometers. KadıköyThere are a total of 16 stations on the Kartal metro line. Record tunnel excavations, reaching 150 meters per day, were carried out on the line where the world's fastest tunnel work was carried out in the city. Electromechanical and fine works were started at 15 stations. Taplam, rail laying between Kozyatağı and Kartal of the line with a rail length of 48,572 meters has been completed. 250 meters of rail assembly continues per day. The number of wagons provided for the line has increased from 120 to 144 due to the extension of the line to Kaynarca. During the shipment process that started in January, 16 wagons have come to the field so far. A total of 4 passengers in the 1084-train series and 8 passengers in the 2-train series will be transported in the subway. In this way, operations such as parking at night and transfer to the repair-maintenance workshop will be carried out by an operator in the control center and without a driver. This will provide economy and flexibility to the business. There are intermediate passageways between the wagons. Homogeneous distribution of passengers in a train consisting of 168 wagons will be possible. All wagons have heating, cooling and ventilation. For passenger safety, inside and outside the vehicle will be monitored with a closed circuit camera system. There will be digital indicators showing which direction the vehicle is going outside. In the wagon, there will be a "Dynamic Road Map" above the door, showing which station the vehicle is heading to, which stations it has left behind, and the on-line information it receives from the line with different lights. In addition, transfer points to other transportation systems will be shown on this road map. Each vehicle will have 4 passenger information screens (LCD screens) to inform passengers and be used for advertising purposes. Active communication will be provided between passengers and the mechanic. For a comfortable journey, there will be vibration and sound insulation and fire insulators.Kadıköy- When the Kartal metro line is completed (and other ongoing lines such as Marmaray, Yenikapı-Hacıosman, Otogar-Bağcılar-İkitelli lines are completed) journey times for a passenger who takes the metro from Kartal; Kadıköy It will be 29 minutes, Üsküdar 35 minutes, Yenikapı 47 minutes, Taksim 55 minutes, Bus Station 66 minutes, Hacıosman 79 minutes, Airport 79 minutes, Olympic Stadium 89 minutes.

Source: Milliyet

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