40 new train set comes for IZBAN

30 in the Aliaga-Menderes line in Izmir The 2010 3 40, which offers rail public transportation services since XNUMX, has reached the final stage in the tender for the purchase of the new train set XNUMX.
CAF, Rotem and CSR Zhuzhou companies offered in 6 company. Tender commission will announce its decision in the coming days.
The first sets will be delivered after 20 months
Following the signing of the contract with the company that won the tender xnumx'inc 20 months, following 3 7 month, the next month will be a total 17 7 20 to be set in Izmir train set. İZBAN, bagged foundation laid through the line and arrangements will be made following the introduction of the new train will become responds to a capacity of over 40 thousand. The third step of İZBAN will be the opening of the Bergama line and the 350's second train tender. And so, İZBAN will reach 3 thousand passengers per day on the line extending from Bergama in the north to Torbalı in the south.

Number of passengers per day 140 per thousand
IZBAN'ın 12 thousand passengers per day started the operation, 1 120 at the end of the year, indicating that the number of General Manager Selcuk Hard and Deputy Director Sönmez Flame Flame Flame, d At the moment, the average number of passengers per day 140 left over a thousand. In order to respond to increasing capacity demand in the best way, we throw our steps in succession. When we reach the capacity of 550 thousand people per day, we will reach 16 million passengers per month, which is our real target it.
Quality service principle
izban Izmir underlines that grows with the confidence of the people of General Manager Selcuk hard and Deputy Sonmez Alev, "rail largest city connected to the airport in Turkey as a public transport system, we are trying to respond in the best way to Izmir's growing demand. We never compromise on the principles of safe, fast, comfortable, clean, quiet, easy and cheap. In parallel with the increase in the number of our passengers, we also strive to increase our service quality. Our philosophy 'good end is no' we have identified as '' they said.

Source: Milliyet



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