Bursaray Labor line comes to life with savings from Görükle line

Efforts are progressing rapidly in the 2,5 kilometer Emek Post, projected with the savings achieved through the reconsideration of the Görükle line project. Within the scope of the project, the construction of the intersection system in front of the Besaş Bread Factory has been intensified in this region with the incorporation of the railway system, Bursaray station and also the intersection.

While Korupark and Emek stations have completed the line laying at the rate of% 50, the parts of the project started to be opened. Towards this purpose, the road to Mudanya was opened to traffic and the traffic directed to Emek Quarter from Korupark Shopping Center was diverted to the normal direction with the opening of the 3 lane road. . As the weather conditions return to seasonal normals, the work in the region is accelerating and the Labor line is planned to be integrated into the system in October. After the integration of the labor line into the system, the gathering of the residents of Bursa in the summer will be more comfortable and uninterrupted. Oyak Renault Factory until the front of BursaRay up to the citizens coming from here, the supply lines will be able to reach Mudanya seamlessly.

Source: Bursa. bel.t is

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