Falling from the cable car

A young person died in the Kalkandere district of Rize when he fell from the ski lift.
According to information obtained, Rize Tevfik Advanced Industrial Vocational High School 2. Kağan Öztürk (15), in the classroom, got into the cabin of the ropeway used in tea transportation in Yokuşlu village. In the meantime, as a result of cutting the steel wire holding the cable car cabin Ozturk, the cabin with the 250 distance shifted, holding the cabin at the point where the steel wire rope fell to the hard ground. The seriously injured youth were killed in the Kalkandere Health Center.
On the other hand, in the Ardeşen district the previous day the mother and daughter 350 were rescued after an hour due to a breakdown in the cable car.

Kaynak: lov

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