Full 99 Days, Bursa-Yenisehir High Speed ​​Train Auction Not Explained!

Date 1 August 2011 büyük Bursa-Yenişehir Stage was held in Bursa-Bilecik section of the high-speed train which Bursa was looking forward to.

The 75 group participated in the tender for the 8 kilometer. The tender was announced by bidding as follows:

A-YSE Construction-Tepe Construction 393 million pounds.
Two X Societa Italiano Percondatte Sp- Kolin Construction 469,6 million pounds.
Three milyon Building Center Construction 512 million pounds.
Four milyon Limak-Mapa Construction-China Major Bridge Engineering 516,8 million pounds.
Five milyon Azer Construction-Özgün Yapı 517,9 million pounds.
Six milyon Nurol Construction-Özka Construction 554,1 million pounds.
Seven X Cengiz Construction-IC İçtaş-CRCC China Railway 589,9 million pounds.
Eight milyon Astaldi SpA-Makyol Construction 608,8 million pounds.

After the tender, while waiting for the foundation to be discarded immediately, it was said that there was objection and the file was examined by the Public Procurement Authority.


Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc in that process, came for the Ramadan Feast in Bursa, in his speech at the AK Party celebration, "High-speed train will be thrown right after the feast," announced.


He could not be basic. Let alone the foundation could not be thrown, even the tender is not even clear who won.

Today 9 November 2011 Bugün

99 days passed through the tender. No matter how large the job is, it is not at all reasonable to find out how long the 99 is found and how long the process is unclear.

There is the question ”Is there another problem? İnsan.

That's why…

What we want to learn is: Why didn't Bursa's fast train auction result? What is the problem? How long are we gonna wait?

- Stunning question from Lemir-

CHP Bursa deputy Kemal Demirel, who is the record holder of the parliament in Turkey for two terms as deputy of the Grand National Assembly, is now continuing his tradition by letter to the relevant Minister.

Demirel, who wrote the first letter to the Minister of Youth and Sports Suat Kılıç, sent a question to the Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek on the question:

”First, the SCT was then transferred to the railways from the taxes received since 2002 as SCT, how much was allocated to the Bandırma-Bursa-Bilecik railway line?“

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz



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