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The mother and her daughter, who wanted to return to their home on the opposite side of the valley from the garden where they gathered tea in Ardeşen district of Rize, were stranded for 200 hours at an altitude of about 4,5 meters when the ropes of the primitive cable car they got on got tangled.

Gülhan Çepnioğlu (47) and her daughter İlkay Çepnioğlu (20) transported the fresh tea they harvested to the highway opposite the valley where the tea purchasing house is located in the district of Şehitlik village, Mezre District, where the mother and daughter slipped with a reel placed on the rope. then he wanted to return to their home on the same side.

The mother and her daughter, who had tossed into the basket of the primitive cable car which was placed on the wire ropes about 600 meters long and pulled between the tea garden and the opposite road, moved around the 250 meter and the steel ropes moving the ropeway together. Therefore, the basket was hanged at a height of about 200 meters from the ground.

His neighbors, aware of the situation, tried to correct the ropes entangled in order to save the mother and her daughter. The villagers, who were not successful at the end of the 3 hour, were informed to the gendarmerie teams and they also informed the teams of the Civil Defense Directorate of Rize and the AKUT Rize unit.

Civil Defense Directorate and AKUT teams came to the village, the rescue of the mother and daughter trapped in the basket of the primitive cable car to rescue his daughter.

AKUT Rize unit leader Güçlü Uzunalioğlu and AKUT volunteer member Fevzi Bayraktar slipped with the reel placed on the rope and reached Gülhan Çepnioğlu and his daughter İlkay Çepnioğlu. The team hung the long rope that they tied to the basket where the mother and daughter were in, to the civil defense teams below. The civil defense teams, who pulled the basket to the opposite side with the help of a rope, rescued the mother and daughter who were hanging in the air for about 4,5 hours.

Gülhan Çepnioğlu stated that they were very frightened after their rescue and said, ni We are back from the dead. I would like to thank the team who saved us. Bizi

AKUT Rize unit leader Guvenli Uzunalioglu also established the two sides of the valley between the primitive ropeway in some places reached the height of 450-500 meters, even though the power of saving two people said they lived in happiness.

Stating that the primitive ropeways are used to carry cargo in the region where steep land is dominated, Uzunalioğlu said, ede Although it is very dangerous for those who want to reach the road by walking in the footpaths instead of walking on the land, this kind of cable car is used occasionally. Therefore, we may face sad results. Fortunately, we did not encounter such a situation in this case, Neyse he said.

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