Injustice to Rail Systems Technology Field teachers - A Ministry of Education Classic

A Ministry of National Education Classics

The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education combine the opportunity of physics, teaching staff and achievements on 2004, the General Objectives of Türk Millî Education and Basic In accordance with the principles; The professional staff of the public and private sector, which manufactures and uses rail systems with TCDD, can meet the need for qualified personnel with a balance of competency-based supply demand in the technical and administrative field. grow in the province of 4 (later removed to 4) Rail Systems Technology Parts aã§tä ±. One of these areas was opened at the University of VAS Central Attorney Technical and Industrial Vocational High School.

3 teacher 2005 teacher chosen by the Ministry of National Education to be trained in the RTS Systems Technology Field in Sivas within the scope of the cooperation protocol between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Transport. lä ± ± n ã§eåÿitl in the Windows XP from abroad were subjected to EÄŸitim eäÿitil and seminars and by decree atandä this area as ã¶äÿret bearing ± s. (this course has a Bachelor's Degree with respect to 80 Teachers' Area, in line with the RDA Systems Technology Area, based on the decision of TTK 3)

These trainers are involved in the Project of Improving the Vocational Education and Training System at Türkiye, an international project that has been signed between the Republic of Turkey and the European Union. ± Development of teaching materials worked. TCDD experts do program development work.

Computer Systems Technology They write the textbooks (textbook) of the courses taught in the field. Again, the international project, â € œDEPRAST Rendering Systems and Technologies Education Program in the Development Project, the Ministry of National Education in many meetings related to the field of Rail Systems Technology. ± they have cooperated with the dating.

Over the last 6 years, they have worked with Trust in the Field of Technology Systems. First mezunlarä ± Ä ° ± när xnumxâ € "2008 ã¶äÿret Yam lä ± ± n, and this gave the graduates KPSS Nava sÄ ± ± ± na sonuã§larä gã¶r TCDD bã¼nye to be employed in baåÿladä ±.

Hal bã¶yl While I bakanlä millã® EÄŸitim ± ± Aya April 2011 these ã¶äÿretm those decrees (court Karara när ± ± gerek㧠to gã¶stererek) deäÿiåÿtirerek old Areas of ± na dã¶ndã¼rdã¼.

Ä ° ± boåÿalttä those more serious of the month to month this ã¶äÿretm ± ± n Aya 3 staff assignment through June be replaces on the site and filled ± aã§tä. With whom?

Graduates olduklarä ± yã¼ksek ã¶äÿret'm Your Program eligible for appointment ± here railroad engraver ± n in EÄŸitim I not take ± Teams, with 15 either ± IIa ± k sÄ ± när ± f ã¶äÿretm Thani, 20 either ± IIa ± k Technology the Design ± m Ã-Except all new with, Machine and Helper.

2011â € men 2012 Teachers will be educated by these teachers. You get no. The quality of the Rendering System training will grow even more with these teachers.

You are a Millî Ministry of Education classics

Clarification or defense: The whole process has been legally realized.

The same situation was experienced in Eskişehir OdunpazarÄ ± Atatürk Technical and Industrial Vocational High School.

The same situation: Marine Area, Industrial Automation Technology Area, Shipbuilding Area, Jewelery Technology Area, Air Maintenance Area, Biomedical Equipment Technologies Area, Footwear and Saddlery Technology Field ± It was also in the parts such as ±.

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