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Motorized train from Germany
Motorized train from Germany

Sir, I told the story of Öcal Ağbimin who made the Izmir-Ankara-İzmir flight by train. 3.5 on departure, trains two hours delayed, one-and-a-half hours normalizing trains ..

Waiters who do not serve in the restaurant wagon and say "come out if you are a man" to my brother who complained.
A letter signed by Orhan Uğur and Şükran Kaba came from the State Railways Press and Public Relations Consultancy ..

Sir, Ankara-Izmir line of road renewal work continued. That's why they're retarded. Start date of work, 2003 .. The last stage is reached. Signaling has also been tendered. I mean, he was checking in soon.

The dining wagons are tendered outside. There were places in Ankara, İzmir and Denizli for food and beverage supply. In other words, it was not possible to say "We bought the goods from Ankara, it ended on the way, there is nothing left for the Izmir-Ankara passenger". The missing waiter was also not possible. For these reasons, taking into account the complaints of my brother and other passengers, an investigation was opened against the company operating the wagons. I hope they will also report the result.

By the way, isn't it interesting that the company that runs the dining carriages (whoever they are) has not attempted a single word of response to such a heavy criticism to this day. - Morning

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