Kadıköy-Kaynarca Metro - Anadoluray M4 line

Kadikoy-Kaynarca Metro or Anadoluray is a metro project with three steps on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, the first stop of which is Kadıköy and Kaynarca. In the future, it is thought to connect with Sabiha Gökçen Airport and M6 line with vertical lines (such as Bostancı-Dudullu). July 2012 is planned to be put into service as the last stop Kartal. (Opening 4 delayed times; 29 October 2011, 31 December 2011, February 2012, May 2012) The delays in the line are indicated as signaling studies.

Metro between Kadıköy and Kaynarca is in E-5 route and heavy metro class. The average 40 of the ground is under the meter. 70 per hour (one-way) carrying capacity. October 2010 excavations were completed, rails were laid and the construction of Ayrılıkçeşme Station, which is the station to connect the metro to Marmaray, has started. As of June 2012, the construction of many stations has been completed, but environmental regulations still continue. When it is completed with a total of 26,5 kilometers, it will have the title of Istanbul's longest metro.

Transportation Times (excluding transfer times)

Eagle - Hacıosman = 79 minutes
Kartal - Taksim = 55 minutes
Kartal - Kadikoy = 29 minutes
Kartal - Uskudar = 35 minutes
Kartal - Yenikapı = 47 minutes
Kartal - Ataturk Airport = 79 minutes
Kartal - Atatürk Olympic Stadium = 89 minutes


Although it was originally considered as Harem-Tuzla, it was preferable to integrate it with the Marmaray project and then the starting point was shifted to Kadıköy. According to the project, the drilling tunnel between Acıbadem inşa Kadıköy and the portion from Acıbadem to the Kartal Bridge were planned to be built as a level building. For years, a protocol was signed between the two institutions in the 2002 for the project that could not be realized due to the ownership problems that took place between the IMM and the Highways. The central median of the E-5 highway between Harem and Tuzla was transferred to IMM.

In January 2005, Yapı Merkezi-Doğuş-Yüksel-Yenigün-Belen construction joint venture was signed with the Anadoluray group and the foundation was laid on 29 January 2005.

After the start of the studies, the energy cost of the density of the E-5 axis is about 80 million dollars annually and the loss of time is about 120 million dollars and the construction costs are paid off in a short time (about 6,5 years) considering the environmental factors and increasing density. it has been revealed. The construction phase of the E-5 highway to be partially closed to traffic, due to the section to be separated from the rail system as a result of the road to be permanently narrowed, the light rail system will not be able to fully respond to the need to consider factors such as ITU opinion, IETT proposal and UKOME decision 2005 year in July it was decided to build the system completely with underground and subway standards.

After the decision to build the line as a subway, the projects were revised and procurement works in 2008 in January were awarded to Avrasya Metro Group (Astaldi UM Makyol X Gülermak) and the place delivery was made in March.

A contract was signed with the Spanish company CAF in September 2009 and the production of the wagons was started. The first wagons arrived at 2011 in January.

Kadıköy, Ayrılıkçeşme, Ünalan and Göztepe stations are below sea level. The distance between the stations is 1300 meters and the nearest stations are Maltepe and Huzurevi (800 meters) and the most remote stations are Bostancı and Küçükyalı (2300 meters). The command line of the metro line is located at the Esenkent station, and a later storage area will be located in Kaynarca. 180-90 will be run in seconds intervals.

8'li metro arrays (2000 people) designed according to the subway vehicles used in the subway vehicles are used in the supply of the rigid catenary system.

All stations have escalator entrances and exits as well as obstacle elevators, all stations on the E-5 highway route have entrances and exits on the north and south sides and there are also underpasses between these entrances and exits.
Kadıköy-Kaynarca Metro with Numbers

Double even total tunnel length: 53 km

Total tunnel length: 65.136 m (including connection tunnels, shafts, ladder tunnels)

Total cost of the project, (Kadıköy-Kartal): 1.600.000.000 $ and (Kartal-Kaynarca): 200.000.000 $, including 1.800.000.000 $.

Even the 120 wagon was auctioned. Most of the wagons came. The number of orders has been increased to 144 by Kaynarca decision.

5.350 ton rail was used.

The 5.500 welding was used to assemble the rails.

Ray applied under which prevents vibrations and elastomer material support, the thickest and most vibration preventing pad used in Turkey.

There is a total 67 elevator and 272 escalator in the string.

Source: Wikipedia

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