China's high-speed train crash: 32 dead

In Ciciang province, east of China, 32 people died and more than 100 injured as a result of the two trains of high-speed rail derailed and flying over the bridge.

According to the report of the Shinhua agency, the train D3115, which goes from Hangcou, the capital of the province of Ciciang Province, to the city of Fucou in the southeast, derailed near the town of Shuangyu in the city of Vincou.

Speaking to Hangcou television, an official said that the train had lost control of the lightning strike and that the accident occurred because of a collision with another train coming from behind.

The Chinese Railways Ministry confirmed that the Beijing-Fucou train number D21.00 departed from the back at 301 local time, and the first 3115 wagons of the D301 and 4 and 3115 wagons of the D15 were derailed.

An eyewitness 20-30 meter height of one of the flying wagons hanging from the bridge remained, the other one fell steeply, he said.

Some eyewitnesses said that the accident was serious and there were hundreds of ambulances in the area. After the accident, Chinese Railways Deputy Ministers Hu Yadong and Lu Chunfang were reported to have moved to the area.

Shinhua agency, six people died in the hospital announced.

A woman with the last name of Cou said that the train should be in the 20: 00 waters in Yongcia station for one minute at local time, but 25 made a wait for the minute.

Another passenger said that the lightning was too violent and the train stopped for too long. He said that after the train was moving again, all the lights were turned off and after a shock, a severe sound collision.

The survivors of the accident broke the glass, leaving the train, wounded passengers reportedly removed from the train.

Ciciang radio calls to the people of Vincou to give blood in hospitals, hundreds of young people in front of the blood center of Vincou to enter the queue was recorded.

On the other hand, it was stated that some of the passengers on the train told that they were stuck in D3115 in the microblogs they wrote in “” also known as China's Twitter.

Source: Hürriyet

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